The main goal of EUniWell’s third Seed Funding Call is to further boost collaborative and innovative research, joint educational programs and to encourage the realization of student well-being projects. Cooperation with at least three EUniWell partner universities is a basic requirement of the application. The deadline for handing in the applications is 5 December 2021 and the implementation of the winning projects starts on 1 February 2022.

After the first successful year of its existence, the European University of Well-Being (EUniWell) considers offering opportunities of international cooperation for the citizens of its partner universities and building professional networks among the seven universities the most important areas of its mission.

The Seed Funding Program is an innovative initiative which aims to boost cooperation between its member universities by supporting novel research, educational and student projects.

In the Seed Funding Program priority is given to those innovative projects that improve individual, organizational and societal well-being in the areas of education, research or other related development. Researchers, educators, students and administrative staff can submit their applications, which have to be projects related to the improvement of well-being realized in collaboration with at least three partner universities. The maximum amount of available funding per project is 25,000 euros.

Detailed information on the application is available on the EUniWell website and EUniWell will also provide an online information session via Zoom on 10 November 2021 between 12 pm and 1.30 pm.

Furthermore, the organizers of the program will hold a workshop on writing proposals on 12 November 2021 between 12 pm and 1.30 pm. Registration for the workshop is necessary, which his possible by sending an email to

According to Dr. Miklós Kellermayer, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and project lead, the workshop is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about how grant applications work and to acquire skills needed for the successful implementation of project ideas.

At the Semmelweis Well-being Day held on 19 October 2021 students also had the opportunity to participate in an interactive workshop, where they could express their thoughts and ideas about their own well-being at the university. The EUniWell team keep on encouraging students to work on their projects and to realize them within the framework of the Seed Funding Program.

Participation in the program is a great opportunity for all university citizens to build relationships between the partner universities and to encourage knowledge transfer. Semmelweis University’s partner universities within EUniWell are the University of Leiden, Linnaeus University, the University of Birmingham, the University of Cologne, the University of Florence and the University of Nantes offering ample opportunities for cooperation.

Those, who are looking for partners within EUniWell for their project application may do so on an online platform that is available on the page of the Seed Funding Program, along with the details of the program.

Within Semmelweis University, the EUniWell team can provide further information.

Directorate of International Relations

Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University

Translation: Ágnes Raubinek