Ethics guidelines for the epidemic have been developed for Semmelweis University staff and students. Adherence to the seven points included will help ensure the continued operation of the university, and those who follow the regulations on a voluntary basis also do a lot for their own health and that of their environment. At the click of a button, anyone can symbolically join the initiative on the website.

The regulations included in the ethics guidelines, which can be followed on a voluntary basis, go beyond the mandatory rules of the Hungarian Government, the city of Budapest and Semmelweis University. However, by adhering to them, we can ensure the continuous and safe operation of the university. In addition, by following the seven points, Semmelweis Citizens also set an example and contribute to the protection of their own health as well as that of their environment. The guidelines cover, among other things, the avoidance of major events, forms of greeting involving direct contact, and the protection of elderly relatives.

The guidelines are available on the university’s coronavirus website, where anyone can sign up to join the initiative at the click of a button.