How/where can I settle my payments?

# Payment information for the candidates of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The following information applies to the payments for applicants to the English-language PROGRAMS OF GENERAL medicINE, dentISTRY and/OR pharmaceutical SCIENCES at Semmelweis University.

Online payment by credit/debit card through the SEMAPHOR system

This payment method is only available for paying the admission procedure fee. Card payments are made through a secure online system of OTP Bank, the largest commercial bank in Hungary. The payment can be initiated automatically from the online application system (SEMAPHOR). This is the preferred route of paying the admission procedure fee.

Payment by wire transfer

All payments can be made by wire transfer to Semmelweis University’s below bank account. Payments have to be made in USD.

Account details of Semmelweis University are as follows:

Bank name: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Bank address: Nádor utca 6., H-1051 Budapest, Hungary
Account holder: Semmelweis University
Account Number (IBAN): HU57 11763842-00881016-00000000

Please note:

  • The money transfer sheet should include the name of the applicant as written in the passport, as well as the SEMAPHOR Application ID as a note.
  • The money transfer note should also include the correspondent Swift/BIC code.
  • In case of paying the Application procedure fee, a scanned copy of the transfer sheet has to be uploaded into the SEMAPHOR system as proof of payment prior to submission of the application.
  • The above-mentioned net amounts have to be credited to the account, i.e. all bank commission fees and other charges have to be paid by the applicant.
  • The date of payment is the date on which the payment is credited to the University’s bank account, i.e. payments have to arrive to the University’s bank account by the given deadline. Since international wire transfers may take several days, applicants are advised to initiate the wire transfer several days before the given deadline. If the above fees are not credited to our bank account by the above deadlines, applications will not be valid, and admissions will be automatically canceled.

Please contact the Admission Team’s finance administrator at to inquire about further information on payment details.

When are my payments due?

Payment information for the candidates of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Admission Procedure Fee: USD 350

The Admission Procedure Fee is payable upon application.

Deposit: USD 2 000

Applicants admitted to the university have to pay a non-refundable deposit of 2 000 USD within 14 days after the
notification of admittance. This amount will be deducted from the first semester’s tuition fee.

Enrollment fee: USD 220

The enrollment fee is payable together with the tuition fee after acceptance. The first semester’s tuition fee (minus the amount of the deposit) and the enrollment fee has to be paid before August 21. Admitted applicants who need to apply for a student visa may be required to pay the tuition fee for the first one or two semester(s) before the visa application may be processed. Further details will be provided in the letter of admission.

Is there a GPA minimum requirement for application or admission?

There is none. For admission to the English Language Programs of Semmelweis University, an entrance examination has to be taken. The decision is based on the candidate’s biography, previous studies and performance, and primarily on the assessment of the entrance examination.

Are there any standardized tests acceptable instead of the entrance examination?

No, there aren’t. For admission to the English Language Programs of Semmelweis University, the University’s own entrance examination has to be taken. 

Can a parent, teacher or friend discuss my application with the University?

According to GDPR, we are not authorized to share our applicants’ personal data with third parties. Nevertheless, the applicants may involve their relatives in their correspondence with the University.

How many places do you have for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences?

The number of students to be admitted to each faculty is determined by the rector in each year. Regarding this matter, please contact us at

What do you expect from an applicant? What kind of applicants are you looking for?

We are looking for highly motivated students with a strong basic knowledge in natural sciences and an English language proficiency, who are determined to become experts in the field of Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences. We put a great emphasis on selecting outstanding applicants for enrollment and training. Therefore, we persist on undertaking complex entrance examinations composed of written tests and personal interviews, which allow us to reliably evaluate the knowledge, skills, motivation and personality of the applicants.

What does the waiting list mean?

If an applicant is placed on the waiting list it means that the performance at the entrance examination was not good enough to get admitted straight away, yet the Admission Board is ready to reconsider his/her admission if vacant student positions are available at the end of the admission period.

Do you accept applicants with Hungarian citizenship?

Hungarian citizens are welcome to join our Hungarian Language Programs only. Based on the position of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, dual citizens may apply to our English Language Programs too.

Do I need to learn Hungarian?

Hungarian Language as a subject is included in the curricula of our English language training programs. Starting in the preclinical modules, our students meet Hungarian patients at the Polyclinics of Semmelweis University.

Are campus tours offered?

Currently, there are no publicly available campus tours for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. We suggest you to send your inquiry to as well as to check our virtual tour at Rector’s and Deans’ Building.

You may also check on the University’s YouTube Channel!

May I upload a recommendation letter? Is it possible to send it directly to the University by one of my teachers?

Yes, you can upload one or more recommendation letter(s) to SEMAPHOR into the ’other’ field at each training program on the Application page.

Yes, your teacher(s) can send the recommendation letter(s) directly to Semmelweis University to the following e-mail address: Please note that in such case, your recommendation letter will be uploaded as a classified document, i.e.,it will remain hidden from you, and will only be accessible to the Admission Team and the Admission Board.