An American-Hungarian student meeting was held at the Department of Public Health. The 12-member student group of the University of Alabama came to Europe with the purpose of identifying the differences and similarities between the American and Hungarian healthcare systems, including the cultural, historical, economic and political aspects. The “mini-conference” gave the opportunity to the students of the two universities to share their experience and expand their knowledge.

The visit was initiated by the Cultural and Educational Programs Abroad Foundation (CEPA), an international organization specialized in study abroad programmes. In the student delegation of the American university, mainly nursing students arrived at the institute, but students of physiotherapy, biology and dentistry were present as well.

After the welcome speech of Dr. Ildikó Horváth, deputy department director, the foreign students visited the lecture halls of the Nagyvárad Tér Theoretical Block and the office of the institute’s first director, József Fodor. Afterward, Dr. Péter Balázs, college professor, gave a presentation on the structure and financing of the Hungarian healthcare system, then students of the Scientific Students’ Association, led by senior lecturer Dr. András Terebessy, introduced the department’s scientific work.

At the end of the meeting, an informal exchange emerged among the students, during which the similarities and differences of the two universities were discussed as well. Dr. Ildikó Horváth expressed her hope that the visiting students and their leading teacher, Marlena Primeau, would take home a good impression of Semmelweis University and Hungary, which could serve as a basis for a future cooperation.

Source and photo: Department of Public Health
Translation: Diána Módos