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505 Doctors of Medicine have graduated at the Faculty of Medicine

During the Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Medicine the degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred upon 300 Hungarian and 205 international medical students by Dr. Béla Merkely, Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs, President of the Clinical Centre, and Dr. László Hunyady, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. The ceremony was held at Papp László Budapest Sportaréna. The 205 graduating international medical students are from 24 different countries.

The Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Medicine was opened by Dr. Béla Merkely, afterwards a graduating medical student, Fanni Pálya officially submitted the conferment request. The 505 graduating medical students then took their solemn oath that they would be doing their professional duty with the utmost diligence in every aspect. The solemn oath was taken in three languages: in Hungarian, English and German. Following the oath, the graduating students were conferred upon the degree of Doctor of Medicine by Dr. Béla Merkely and Dr. László Hunyady.

“Now we have officially provided you with the rights and responsibilities that all Doctors of Medicine legally have. We kindly ask you to please always remain loyal to the oath that you have taken in order to care for and heal patients, to accomplish all of your responsibilities and to do your professional duty with the utmost diligence.”, addressed Dr. Béla Merkely the freshly graduated Doctors of Medicine in his ceremonial speech.

After the conferment Dr. Gergő Báthori addressed the audience on behalf of the students graduating in the Hungarian language programme. As he said, they managed to successfully complete the university, but the end of an adventure always means the beginning of a new one. The lesson that he has learnt during the six years refers to the importance of persistence. He hopes that humbleness, which was needed for the degree, will accompany them for an entire lifetime.

On behalf of the students graduating in the German language programme Dr. Thomas Schuh addressed the audience. On behalf of the students graduating in the English language programme Dr. Were Marion Esther és Dr. Saeter Frode held a speech.  They recalled their university years, the difficult challenges and the joy as well.

In his ceremonial speech Dr. László Hunyady emphasized that the freshly graduated Doctors of Medicine deserved this degree from Semmelweis University after all the hard work and perseverance of the past half a decade. According to Dean Hunyady this achievement is remarkable, since the university offers a medical education that is based on such scientific grounds, which is internationally respected and has a prestigious place in both the Hungarian and international rankings. The successful medical education is also represented by the high average of international students.

As Dean Hunyady sad, the fact that the Hungarian Government has recently indicated the intention of developing medical education several times, is very joyful. He also highlighted that this can only be achieved by the parallel development of education, research and patient care. He emphasized that the Faculty is continuously working on the development of the curriculum and the quality of education. As an example for this, he mentioned the extension of simulation methods and the method of teaching in blocks, which was introduced at fifth year.

“Besides the knowledge acquired here at the university, all the graduating students are heirs of the tradition of the nearly two and a half centuries. The name of Ignaz Semmelweis is the warranty on your diploma that you are having a firm knowledge based on scientific grounds. … The tragedy of Ignaz Semmelweis was caused because in that era his genial, scientifically supported theory could not be understood due to the lack of theoretical scientific knowledge. This points out the fact that theory and clinical practice are equally important.”, Dean Hunyady commemorated Ignaz Semmelweis.

Dean Hunyady highlighted the importance of lifelong learning as well: the university has accomplished its responsibilities well if it has not only transferred knowledge to students, but has managed to call students’ attention to acquire even more knowledge. He emphasized that besides high level theoretical and practical knowledge another important characteristic feature of a doctor is empathy, which greatly contributes to the healing of patients. Dean Hunyady encouraged the freshly graduated Doctors of Medicine to make use of all opportunities, to work and study abroad, but asked them never to forget that they belong here and this country needs their work and talent.

During the ceremony Dr. Gergő Báthori, Vice-President for Educational Affairs of the Students’ Union, was awarded the Silver Pro Universitate Award. The award was provided by the recommendation of Dean Hunyady, especially due to Dr. Báthori’s conscientious work related to the initiation of teaching in blocks.

Three certificates of habilitation were also awarded this year, the awardees are Dr. Christopher Netsch, Dr. Axel Stang and Dr. Gregor Stavrou. They received their certificates from Dr. Béla Merkely.

Pálma Dobozi
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University
Translation: Katalin Illés-Romhányi

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