‘It is a wonderful experience to be a Semmelweis Citizen,’ said Dr. Ferenc Bánhidy, Vice-Rector for General Affairs, in his opening speech at the Open Day of the Faculty of Medicine. In the Nagyvárad tér Theoretical Building, more than 300 secondary school students could find out about the training, student life and the work of several departments.

Dr. Ferenc Bánhidy emphasized that Semmelweis University is the most acknowledged university in Hungary, and at the Faculty of Medicine students can acquire knowledge they can utilize anywhere in the world. Recalling his own studies, he reminded the audience that university years will not be easy, but those admitted to Semmelweis can be proud of themselves, and when they finish their studies, they will be able to provide patient care and conduct research at the highest level. The vice-rector mentioned that a number of well-known scientists were educated at Semmelweis University, which celebrates its 250th anniversary of existence in 2019. Healing patients, doing research to the best of our knowledge and making advancements accordingly – he said, summing up the spirit of the university. In the end, Dr. Ferenc Bánhidy advised the students to not be afraid to ask questions frequently during their studies.

Dr. Miklós Molnár, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, presented the admissions statistics in an interactive lecture and pointed out that only ten percent of the candidates are admitted to the faculty, but the dropout rate is low. During the years spent at the university, students can not only acquire knowledge needed for their medical profession but also receive the proper resources for life-long learning, thus becoming well-rounded intellectuals, he said. Dr. Miklós Molnár also spoke about the vibrant student life and the various programme opportunities.

The next lecturer of the Open Day, Dr. Sándor Katz, senior lecturer at the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, gave a short summary of anatomical history, including famous Hungarian anatomists and spoke about the most important steps in the history of the department as well as the Anatomy Museum. In connection with the teaching and research activities of the Department, he said that there are currently 39 demonstrators and 50 Students’ Scientific Association students working there.

The activity of the Students’ Union was presented by Klára Kata Gyulay, president of the Students’ Union at the Faculty of Medicine, who welcomed the participants on behalf of the students and the organizers. She said it is worth choosing Semmelweis University because of the opportunities in the professional field of medicine, bustling student life, research opportunities and the active student organizations. However, she emphasized that due to the rigorous requirements, it is impossible to obtain a medical degree simply for its “prestige” – one must see it as his/her life’s vocation.

The work of the Budapest Medical Students’ Association was presented by Fanni Veréb, president, who addressed the association’s health prevention activities and international relations among others.

Dr. Lóránt Magyar, assistant lecturer at the Department of Forensic and Insurance Medicine, presented his field of expertise alongside his personal experiences. Contrary to the previous lecturers, he said that university is not harder than secondary school, but rather “different”. During the years spent there, lecturers give students the opportunity to gain as much knowledge as possible, but learning must be done by themselves.

Following the lectures, secondary school students could participate in institute visits, and at the various stands they could learn more about the university and had the opportunity to ask questions.


Eszter Keresztes
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University
Translation: Diána Módos