At the six faculties of Semmelweis University, a total of 2074 students can begin their studies in the Hungarian language programme in the 2018/19 school year, of whom 122 will be participating in the fee-paying training.

1167 candidates have applied to enter the Faculty of Medicine, which is 15 per cent higher than last year’s number, said Dean László Hunyady. He added that, consequently, the minimum points have also increased. This year, 441 points were required for entry, and a total of 381 people have been admitted.

At the Faculty of Health and Public Services, 119 students can begin their studies in September. Dr. Beáta Pethesné Dávid, Vice-Dean, said that they have been able to fill the available capacity in the health services management programme.

1224 students have been admitted to the Faculty of Health Sciences this year, of whom 99 will be studying in the fee-paying training. This year as well, physiotherapy (435 points) and dietetics (418 points) are the most popular programmes – informed Dr. István Vingender, Vice-Dean.

100 students have entered the Faculty of Dentistry, and one of them will be participating in the fee-paying training. Compared with last year, the minimum points have increased (434 points were required for entry), and so have the number of candidates, said Dr. Károly Bartha, Vice-Dean.

Similarly to previous years, 150 people have received a place at the Faculty of Pharmacy this year, three of whom in the fee-paying training. Dean Romána Zelkó said that this year, 392 points were required for entry, and the average points of the candidates were high (423 points).

At the András Pető Faculty, 100 future conductors can begin their studies in the next academic year, Dr. Adrienn Deák, Vice-Dean, explained. This year, 284 points were needed for entry.

In 2018, more than 107,000 students have applied for university and college studies. The most popular undivided programmes include medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. Among the undergraduate courses, the nursing programme has been favoured by a great number of candidates.


Eszter Keresztes
Photo (illustration/archive): Attila Kovács, Semmelweis University
Translation: Diána Módos