In the academic year 2023/24, the Department of Laboratory Medicine organized the teaching of the subject Clinical chemistry and laboratory diagnostics for third-year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.


Weekly consultations

Each week a 45-minute consultation will be held in person as part of the course ‘Clinical chemistry and laboratory diagnostics’:

Schedule of consultations


Recordings and slides of the lectures are available on the Moodle: Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics (theory) (EP, 2022/24)



The control exam can be taken online on the Moodle at the exam dates announced in Neptun.

During the control exam, 50 questions must be solved in 50 minutes. Most of the questions are single-choice questions (there is a circle before the answers), but there are also some multiple-choice questions (there is a square before the answer).


46 – 50 points: excellent

41 – 45 points: good

36 – 40 points: satisfactory

31 – 35 points: rather weak

30 points or less: fail

On the Moodle a sample test is available to learn about the nature and possibilities of the control exam. This test contains 11 tasks, there are 6.6 minutes to solve. Unlimited repeatability.

The following material will also help you prepare for the exam:

Learning aid for the exam