P.E. classes


On our university P.E. is mandatory for all faculties. You have several opportunities to pass this subject.

On the traditional P.E. classes you can take a 60-minute interactive class, held by the teachers of the Sport Institute at SOTE Sport Center. From your 14-week-long semester you have to attend a class 9 times. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to take part in sport programs organized by the Event Committee and the Sport Center where the attendance will be counted as a P.E. class. You will be informed about these before the events.

The other form of passing the subject is training in the University’s teams. Here the experienced and professional players are more common but every freshman is welcomed and it is possible to get in. You can apply for team which are training for the Medic Cup (an event for the 4 Medical Universities in Hungary) such as handball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, water polo, ice hockey, cheerleading and cheer dance classes. These trainings mean weekly 2×90 minutes.

Sport Events


The Student’s Union Event Committee organises many sporting events for you.

Medic Cup
The biggest event in connection with sports, where for several days teams from the 4 Medical Universities play against each other in 5 sports (Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Water polo) and Cheerleading. The spirit of the games, the sound of the ultras and drums are essentials in the event and at night you can attend parties with hundreds of students all night long. Sadly, due to the Pandemic in the last two years we hadn’t got the opportunity to take part in this event but hopefully in 2021/2022 academic year the University of Szeged will be able to organize it.

More photos on the Students’ Union Facebook-page

Autumn and Spring Sports Day
The students with their own teams in many sports can compete with each other, in an informal, pleasant atmosphere all day. The event is held in the Sport Center at Zágrábi str.

More photos on the Students’ Union Facebook-page

Beer-Pong Championship
In the last few years this was a great success amongst the students. The Committee organises a semester-long championship for everyone who dares to attend. You can apply in teams of 2 people and the game place will be announced in advance. There you can compete on several table at the same time. The winners along the title will be presented with precious prizes worthy of the championships name.

NET running
A great tradition in our university where you can conquer the tallest university building in Budapest. 22 floors, 497 steps will be your challenge.

Sport championships
We are planning a semester-long championship in 2 sports, soccer and volleyball. If we see bigger interests in other fields as well we will organise championships in those too!

Darts Championship
We’ll organise a semester-long event where the most skilful people will win high value prizes.

Charity Running
Every year we organize races where the charity money will be offered for the clinics of the university.