The Students’ Union (HÖK) is the organization that is responsible for student advocacy and services at Semmelweis University.

The HÖK represents the opinions of the students amid the university bureaucracy by analyzing and presenting them to the highest levels of the University. Our representatives provide consultations for students seeking help, let that be regarding social or education-related inquiries, while committee members organize events and came to fulfill innovative ideas.

Members of the Students’ Union are students at the University having an active student status. To participate directly in the work of the HÖK, apply via this link to one of the committees! We happily await all enthusiastic, hard-working individuals or curious people to be among us!

The most significant decision-making bodies of the Students’ Union are the Assembly of Delegates and the Presidency.

The Assembly of Delegates is a democracy-based unit of the HÖK, where members must be elected. The decisions made by the Assembly reflect the collective opinion of the HÖK, and designated members relay this information to the rest of the organization.

The members of the HÖK Presidium are the president and vice presidents, faculty representatives, committee leaders, designated presidential reps, and the secretary. They are responsible for the consistent and periodical tasks of the HÖK, not to mention new and innovative ideas.

The committee leaders and members work together towards a common goal, event planning, representing the values of the international students, or improving the lives of the students living at the dorms.  

By the faculty and year representatives, the HÖK encompasses the values of all six faculties (ÁOK, EKK, ETK, FOK, GYTK, PAK). They complete specific tasks and represent the students of the given faculty by their work and also at the Faculty Meetings.

The central office of the HÖK can be found at the Theoretical Building at Nagyvárad square (NET), but we also run a student office at the Faculty of Health Sciences building. Our organization also upholds a student center, study, and lounge area for students.