The Semmelweis Students’ Union (HÖK) serves as the primary organization responsible for advocacy of students’ interests and providing essential services within Semmelweis University. Notably, HÖK is a collaborative platform where Hungarian and International Students work hand in hand towards the common goal.

HÖK represents the opinions of the students within the university bureaucracy by analyzing and presenting them to the highest levels of the University. Through careful analysis and effective presentation, the organization communicates these opinions to the highest echelons of the University’s administration. Our dedicated representatives offer valuable consultations to fellow students who seek assistance, whether their queries pertain to social matters or educational inquiries. Also, our committee members lead in organizing a range of events and initiatives aimed at realizing innovative ideas.

Members of the Students’ Union are students at the University having an active student status. For those who wish to actively engage in the workings of HÖK, apply via this link to one of the committees! We wholeheartedly welcome individuals who are enthusiastic, diligent, and curious to contribute and collaborate with us.

The most significant decision-making bodies of the Students’ Union are the Assembly of Delegates and the Presidency.

The Assembly of Delegates stands as a democratic unit within HÖK, where members are elected to represent their peers. The decisions crafted within this assembly mirror the collective stance of the Students’ Union, and the chosen representatives disseminate this information across the organization.

The HÖK Presidium, comprised of the president, vice presidents, faculty leaders, heads of committee, designated presidential representatives, and the secretary, assumes responsibility for both ongoing and periodic tasks within HÖK. Furthermore, they spearhead the cultivation of innovative and imaginative ideas.

The Committees include Dormitory Committee, Education Committee, Events Committee, International Students’ CommitteeMedia Committee and Student Welfare Committee. These serve as platforms where committee leaders and members collaborate towards a common goal, which is, to represent the values of international students and enhance the lives of the students to create a more vibrant and supportive student community.

Through faculty leaders, faculty leader assistants and year representatives, HÖK embraces the values and needs of all six faculties (ÁOK, EKK, ETK, FOK, GYTK, PAK). These representatives undertake specific duties, serving as conduits for student concerns, facilitating communication between students and administration and actively participating in faculty meetings.

The central office of HÖK is situated at the Theoretical Building on Nagyvárad Square (NET), with an additional student office housed within the Faculty of Health Sciences building. The organization also maintains a dedicated student center, providing students with spaces for study and relaxation.