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Learning is central to your life during your university years. During the semester, and especially during exam periods, you can gather a lot of motivation from working together with your fellow students to overcome the challenges of university. The university libraries are a great place to study, chat, and occasionally relax together.


Central Library
Address: 1088 Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán tér 5.
Opening times: from Monday to Sunday 0-24

Capacity: 270, from which 58 with computers

Time frame to rent books: Monday-Wednesday-Thursday 9-16, Tuesday 9-18, Friday 9-14
Renting time limit: 30 days (a maximum of 3 professional books, 5 educational books, in case of books with more volumes 4 professional and 8 educational)
In case of missing the deadline, there is a fee of 50 HUF+ VAT per day per book, and a 50 HUF basis fee after the first warning.
Extension can be requested twice via e-mail, online with your own account or in person. There is a possibility to extend the time frame for a 3rd time in person, while showing the document.
Booking: At the renting desk or online there is a possibility for books rented by others, a notification is sent when the document is available. They preserve the document for 10 days.
• reading in place
• computer usage (with internet and on the university network)
• renting documents
• inter-library rent and document services
• copying
• spiral binding
• printing posters (contact Skultéti Attila tel.: +36-1-459-1500/60512)
It is the biggest library of the Semmelweis University, everybody just calls it “Mikszi”, which is only a couple minutes of walk away from the Inner Clinical Block. Thanks to its location, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants in the neighbourhood, it is easily accessible by public transport. It is optimal for night owls and early birds as well, with it being open 24-7.

It has the most seating, with several quiet and loud reading rooms and several computer seats on 3 floors, at almost 1300 m2, so that everyone can find the study spot for themselves. The Students Union organized a coffee machine with capsules, a water heater and a microwave oven for the library. There is a lamp and a power source at almost every seat.
The library can be visited by anybody during the day. After 20 o’clock and on the weekends only students and workers of the University are eligible to enter, make sure to have your valid student ID with you (or a university entrance card.) Renting needs a registration, but its free for students of the University. The wide range of available books makes learning easier, because one does not need to carry the heavy books, you can read them in the library and there are usually multiple copies ready for rent. It is advised to wake up early and hunt for places in the exam period, the library is usually full around 9-10 oclock, and it stays like that until the evening. You can check the number of free places on the website of the Central Library.


Basic Medical Science Center (EOK) Library
Address: 1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó utca 37-47.
Opening times: from Monday to Sunday 0-24

Capacity: 110

Time frame to rent books: on weekdays between 8-20 o’clock
Renting time limit: for Hungarian boos 10 months, for books in foreign languages 30 days (a maximum of 3 at a time)
In case of missing the deadline, there is a fee of 50 HUF + VAT per day per book, and a 50 HUF basis fee after the first warning.
Extension: Rents for 10 months can not be extended.
• reading in place
• computer usage (with internet and on the university network)
• renting books
• copying
• usage of anatomical models in place
The EOK Library is easily accessible, because almost everyone has lessons in the building. Its smaller than the “Mikszi”, but is also open all-day. The library is only accessible for Semmelweis students and workers, this is checked by the entrance. Please have your student ID or university entrance card ready.
The reading room is on 2 levels. The stairs are somewhat disturbingly in the middle of the hall, so the walking on the stairs can get annoying. There is light and electricity at every table. There are some computer seats available.
The closet with the anatomical models is a somewhat new approach, it is great help for first- and second-year med students who cannot go to the Anatomy Museum or to consultation, because they can see the structures as they learn.

You can find the site of the library here.


Hári Mária Faculty Library – Pető András Kar
Address: 1125 Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 8.
Our university has many faculties, PAK is one of them. They teach future conductors, that work with disabled children. This library is for mainly conductor students. You can find several books in conductive education, education, psychology and medicinal topics, but also CDs and DVDs.


Faculty of Health Sciences library
Address: 1088 Budapest, Vas utca 17.
Opening times: Monday 9-19, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 8-19, Friday 9-16, in exam period Monday-Thursday 9-19, Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday 9-16

Time frame to rent books: 4 weeks, for obligatory literature 2 weeks (max. 8 documents at a time), CDs and DVD can get rented for 3 workdays.
Late fee: 20 HUF per book ber day, 50 HUF per professional book per day
Extension: Possible for documents rented for 4 weeks, maximal 3 times.
Booking: Only in person, an e-mail notification is sent when the document is ready. You can pick it up within 5 days.
• printing, copying, scanning
• literature research
• computer usage

The webpage of the library is available here.


Dental Faculty Library
Address: 1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 47.
Opening times: Monday-Thursday 8-16, Friday 8-14

Renting: Only for teachers, students can read documents within the library.
• printing, copying, scanning
• computer and Wi-Fi usage