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Event Committee


Gecsey Csenge

Event planning vice-president

Besenczi Benedek

General event coordinator

Bakó Benedek

Entertainment event coordinator

Magyar Kristóf

Sports event coordinator

Mohamad Mohamad

Foreign affairs event coordinator


Our structure

The Sports, Health and Events committees of SE HÖK are the three main committees hosting events, and programs . In order to get rid of bureaucracy, in Februrary of 2021 these three committees were merged.

Our objective

Our goal is to fill student life with experiences, we organize events that cover the needs of all students at our university. In addition to preserving university traditions, we consider it important to organize innovative, novel events, thus adding color to the already rich palette of event repertoire. Our most important events include the Ice Carnival, Matinee and Freshmen´s Camp. We also place special emphasis on the organization of international programs, the largest of which is the Carnival and the new International Freshmen´s Day. Our task is also to organize student sporting events, university-level sports programs, and the Medical Cup. Furthermore, organizing various screenings and health campaigns both in Hungary and abroad. Finally SMMLWSxParties by HÖK works on giving you the best nightlife.

Become a member

Event management requires a competitive spirit, our tasks cover areas like HR, finance, media and communication. In addition, it’s important to have a high-level problem-solving ability, so if our committee has caught your attention, you can reach us with your application (a motivation letter and your CV) on our email address

Contact us

A list of upcoming events can be found here. You can find more info regarding any upcoming games of the Semmelweis sports teams here.


If you have any good ideas, you can share them with us here!

Our team:

Bánhidi Panna

Bányóczki Bence

Bényi Botond Boldizsár

Bognár Laura

Czurkó Natália

Fekete Rea Réka

Ferencz Hanna

Frei Tamás

Gál Benedek

Gecsey Csenge

Hámori Réka

Herczog Boróka

Jankó Árpád

Kamocsai Marcell

Kanda Eszter

Katona Viktória

Koós Gábor

Kovács Dániel

Kozma Márk

Lehoczki Csilla

Lipták Zoltán

Löfler Benedek Rudolf

Major-Eisler Emese

Mándoki András

Máthé Izabella

Mehdi Karolina

Meskó Csongor Zoltán

Mészáros Csaba

Nyirády Loretta

Pál Kinga Ágnes

Papp Sára

Sassupe Viktor

Suskó Eszter

Szilágyi Sándor

Tóth Dalma Júlia

Vámosi Boldizsár

Varga Kornél

Varga Nóra

Varga Olivér

Vida Balázs

Vincze Virág

Weszely Virág Natália