Semmelweis University currently has five dormitories and three professional dormitories.

The dormitory is not only a place to live, but also a space where we help each other in completing our studies, where we strive to help everyone develop their talents and contribute to self-education, literacy, physical activity, and quality, meaningful free time. The communities and friendships that are formed here can last a lifetime and can be formative beyond the university years. Semmelweis University provides accommodation for more than 900 students in its halls of residence.


With its 366 places, it is the largest dormitory of the University. Opened in 1981, it still proudly bears the street nickname of Tömő. The nine-story building is merely an 8-minute walk from the M3 metro station Klinikák. Several main University buildings (EOK, NET) are only a 15-minute walking distance away. There are mainly rooms with 3 beds, but there is also a room with 2 beds on each floor. All rooms are equipped with a fridge, sink, and mirror. Each floor has a kitchen (with a microwave, fridge, sink, & kettle), shower, toilet, and the basement laundry room has 5 washing machines and 1 dryer. There is a study room on each floor except the 9th floor and a shared non-quiet study room on the first floor. On the first floor, there are two common rooms with pianos, a TV room, a foosball table, and a newly renovated pool table for recreation between studying. The renovated gym on the ground floor is available 24 hours a day and the running track in Orczy Garden is just a 10-minute walk away. The dormitory sub-committee organizes a number of activities in the dormitory’s two common rooms throughout the year, such as a weekly tea house, joint match-watching, garden cookouts, and level games. A few steps away from the dormitory there is a small shop and a grocery store, and in a parallel street, there is a Spar. A little further away, in the Corvin district, which is currently undergoing renovation, there is a Lidl and the many shops of the Corvin Plaza. The Corvin walkway also has a number of cafés and restaurants.



The Markusovszky Lajos Dormitory (nicknamed Rezső), the second-largest dormitory of Semmelweis University, is located in the VIII. district of the capital, at Szenes Iván square 7. The dormitory accommodates approximately 315 students, mostly in triple rooms and in a few double rooms. The location of the dormitory is very convenient, within a 5-minute walk from the Nagyvárad Square stop of metro line 3 and tram line 24, as well as from the Népliget stop of tram line 1. There are many shopping and dining opportunities in the area: the Pumukli, the 24-hour convenience store on the Nagyvárad Square, several restaurants between the metro stops of Nagyvárad Square, the Clinics and Corvin Quarter; Spar, Penny, and Tesco at the Clinics stop, 15 minutes away; Lidl, Aldi and Corvin Plaza in Corvin Quarter, 20 minutes away; and MOL bicycle parking can be found in front of the dormitory. The best part of being a student is the social life and there is something for everyone at Rezső. Examples include the freshmen’s unveiling at the beginning of the academic year, the annual Cinema Night and Tea House, and the biggest event of the spring, the Rezső Days. In addition to these, everyday recreation is provided by the continuously improving gym, the TV room, foosball table, billiards, and ping-pong table.



The new building of the Bókay János Dormitory is located in Újpest, in a green, landscaped area with a beautiful, well-ordered courtyard. The dormitory has 56 beds in 17 double rooms, 6 triple rooms, and 1 quadruple room. The rooms are equipped with a bed, table, wardrobe, and fridge. Internet access is provided in the dormitory and communal showers are available in the corridor. A spacious communal kitchen with a microwave, stove, and kettle is available for cooking. The laundry room is equipped with a heavy-duty washing machine and dryer, and ironing facilities are provided. In the Student Centre, multimedia computers are available to support learning.



The Kátai Gábor Dormitory is located in Angyalföld, in a green area behind the Vasas Sports Ground, close to public transport hubs. It is a dormitory of Semmelweis University with 154 beds, which stands out among Hungarian dormitories for its facilities and quality. The renovated double rooms are comfortable and well equipped with a bed, desk, wardrobe, and fridge. There is a shower for every two rooms and in each corridor, there is a shared kitchen and bathroom. The kitchens are equipped with a stove, oven, kettle, toaster, and microwave. Social life is supported by a common lounge with a TV in it. There is also a gym, club room, and study room. The laundry room on the ground floor is equipped with heavy-duty washing machines and a dryer. The building also has a landscaped garden and a basketball court.



The Kunigunda Dormitory is a big dormitory with students coming from three universities, making it an ideal place to forge new friendships. It’s located on the Buda side, with a great hillside view, and easy access to Margaret Island. There are many supermarket options around, like ALDI and Lidl. Located close to Tram Line 1, which can connect you to Metro Line 3, you can easily access the city center and the university buildings. Several night buses also stop conveniently close to the dormitory. It has 64 double rooms and 2 single rooms which are available for Semmelweis Students. The rooms are equipped with a bed, desk, wardrobe, and fridge. Toilets, showers, and a big kitchen are shared on each floor. The dormitory offers numerous common spaces: study rooms, a dining area, and a Club. Thanks to the diversity of the students and the large common spaces at the dormitory, you should expect a very colorful social life and a youthful environment.



Frigyes Korányi is credited with starting the active fight against tuberculosis and establishing the system of lung screening stations we have today. In the heart of the city center, not far from the tram stop on Király Street, you will find the Semmelweis University Dormitory named after him. Students from the Faculties of General Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy can enjoy the typical atmosphere of a dormitory and a variety of colorful professional programs. The double rooms in the building are equipped with private bathrooms and a kitchen with hot plates and a refrigerator. There are numerous recreational facilities (e.g. TV lounge, foosball, billiards, ping-pong table, gym, relaxation room, studio, two skill labs) available. The cohesive community, the dormitory’s study rooms, and consultations with senior students help students to succeed in their academic challenges. Freshmen are also supported by a senior student mentor who provides useful tips and experience. There is also a lively social life in the dormitory, with shared hikes, wine tastings, “dinner fights” between rooms, and film screenings among the many activities that take place at the Hársfa. The dormitory’s own courses have been helping residents to receive high-quality professional training for 35 years this year, so enthusiastic students can easily integrate into the university’s top clinical and research courses. There is also an opportunity to showcase their achievements at the annual Korányi Frigyes Scientific Forum, organized by the residents of the dormitory, where Hungarian and foreign students present their work. As a student at the dormitory, you must have a minimum grade point average of 4.0 and be actively involved in the professional and social life of the dormitory.



Students studying at the Faculty of General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy can be part of a community with a colourful atmosphere and a variety of professional programmes. The double rooms in the dormitory building have private bathrooms and equipped kitchens, so you can feel the comfort. For freshmen, a mentoring programme helps them to settle in, while consultations and study rooms help them to learn. In addition to consultations with older students, social life is vibrant at the dormitory, with shared tours, wine tastings, dinner battles between rooms and film screenings. The courses organised by the college have been supporting the high quality professional training of residents for 35 years, so that young enthusiastic students can easily integrate into the clinical and basic research activities of the university. Each year, the college organises the Korányi Frigyes Scientific Forum, which is attended by Hungarian and foreign students, to present the results of their work.

For more information, visit the website below: Selye János Doctoral College for Advanced Studies – Semmelweis University



Following extensive preparations, the Semmelweis Ignác College for Advanced Studies opens its doors from the autumn semester of the 2021/22 academic year as a community, talent center, study circle, and student organization. The College will help its members to develop and participate in useful courses, conferences, training courses, and professional visits that complement the university curriculum. As part of the community, members can build lifelong relationships and experience, whether through a camp, team-building, or everyday life.

The Semmelweis Ignác College of Advanced Studies is housed in the same building as the Selye János Doctoral College, the only one in Hungary to provide dedicated accommodation and professional development for Ph.D. students. The cooperation of the two colleges is embodied in their mentoring program, which aims to provide a straight path to Ph.D. degrees and subsequently to become subject leaders through our research career model, with the help of the Research and Management working group of the Doctoral School. Given the close cooperation of the two departments with the Student Government, the Doctoral Student Government, and the Doctoral School, we also offer public and organizational experience and career development for our students who plan to pursue a leadership career in the future.

As a student with an active status at the Semmelweis University, all you need to do to start the admission process is to fill in the application form here: