The rules governing the operation of the students’ union shall be laid down in its statutes. The statutes shall be adopted by the assembly of delagates of the students’ union and shall take effect upon approval by the senate. The senate shall express an opinion on the approval of the statutes not later than at its first meeting held after the thirtieth day after the submission of the statutes.

Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education Article 60 (2)


Current version of the Statutes


The Statutes of the HÖK have been referred sometimes as Constitution or Charter.



Decrees on adoption:

Decree on approval:

Decrees on amendments: (in Hungarian)

Amending decreesDecrees adopting the amendments
Decree No. 6/2023.(VII.07.) SE HÖK Kgy.Decree No. 97/2023. (X.5.) Senate
Decree No. 10/2023.(VIII.11.) SE HÖK Kgy.