POP Alexandra

head of committee


Communication coordinator

BÁRDOS Berill Csenge

Media coordinator



Photography and studio coordinator


Mission, vision:

The Media Committee’s work is quite colorful and varied: we are always working on a mix of different projects. We work closely with the Communication and Events Committees, as it is important to us that the student body gets a quality look and feel with the events the Students’ Union (HÖK) organizes . You can see our work on various social media platforms and in the form of posters in EOK and the NET building. We are always looking for enthusiastic new members for our creative team, especially people who want to do graphic design work or learn how to use different image editing applications!

If you have any questions, ideas, would like to join us, or if we can help you, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address above!


Members of the committee

The folders with the students’ names, which contain the monthly public work reports and the application documents of the officials, are available with university access via this link. The search bar works, it is easy to find students and reports.
Allowing external requests are being resolved. Until it’s done, you can ask for specific report by writing to this e-mail.

Aldubai-Mohamed Muád
Al-Sheraji Nada Mohamed
Apáti György
Babici Vanda
Bárdos Berill Csenge
Csanádi Petra
Csokonay Gergő
Fábián-Kovács Árpád
Fábián-Kovács Réka
Fogarasi Dominic
Havasi Márk
Karsai István Kevin
Kis Máté Márk
Lernyei Soma
Lipták Zoltán
Lohinai Zsombor
Mátyus Barbara
Mázsár Botond
Nagy Anna
Nagy Liliána
Oláh Marcell
Pálinkás Panna
Petra Dalma Wesztergom
Pintér István
Ruha Midián
Sárközi Miklós Domonkos
Szamosvölgyi Ádám
Szendrei Dóra
Tóth Artúr
Varga Sabrina
Vas Viktória