Nagyvárad tér Theoretical Building (NET)
1089 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4.
It is relatively easy to get to, as it is directly accessible by several means of public transportation. Metro line M3 stops at Nagyvárad tér, however due to currently ongoing metro renovations, the metro is replaced by buses. In addition, tram lines 2M and 24 also stop right in front of the building.
The NET is one of the tallest tower buildings in Hungary, with 24 floors in total. It houses laboratories of the university’s departments and it is where NET Run sports event is annually held. First you’ll encounter the lower floors, where the classes take place. If you go up one of the staircases to the left of the tower, you will find yourself in front of the main entrance, but if you turn right just after the stairs, you will find yourself in the Student Centre, more commonly known as the Aquarium. Here you will also find the Instructor Interactive Group (IÖCS) and the Students’ Union (SU) offices. If you walk through the main entrance, you will find yourself in a huge lobby, where if you look to your left you will see the Medical Specialist Shop, followed by the Legendus Bookshop, and then the University’s cafeteria restaurant. To the right of the main entrance you’ll find the reception office, where you can ask for help at any time. To the left of the reception office starts a corridor from which the elevators open. From the right side of the lobby, unmistakable wide staircases lead up to the “flat”, where you will find the two large lecture halls (green and brown), several seminar rooms and laboratories (marked S and L), and, immediately to the left of the stairs, the Dean’s Office, where the academic administration is located. From the right corner, a corridor leads to the Student Centre (DC) and the gallery above the lobby, commonly referred to as the”bridge”, where there is always a place to study during the day or just relax in a relatively quiet place.


Basic Medical Science Center (EOK)
1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó utca 37-43.
The easiest way to get there is to take metro line M3/metro replacement bus, to the “Semmelweis Klinikák” stop. From here the EOK building is only a 4-5 minute walk away. On your walk from the stop to the building you’ll walk by Dean’s College, where you can expect smaller and larger gatherings starting from the summer, which you are welcome to join.
On entering the EOK, you will be greeted by a spacious, bright lobby from where the lecture halls open. You will also find a buffet, should you get hungry. There are also plenty of tables and chairs where you can study or just chat. The library opens from the corridor, opposite the main entrance. In the lobby you’ll also find the Semmelweis shop, where you can choose from a wide range of clothes, mugs, pens, phone cases and other merchandise. The first floor houses the various departments’ practice rooms, seminar and consultation rooms. This is where the Biophysics, medical chemistry, biochemistry and physiology practices are held. So if you enroll in general medicine or dentistry, you will spend most of your first two years here, but you will also come here often as a pharmacy student. On the other floors you will find research laboratories and offices of the aforementioned departments.


Kútvölgyi Building: the “Well”, aka Pető András Faculty
1125 Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 8.
Easily accessible from Széll Kálmán tér by take one of the buses, the best choice is bus 155, as it drops you off closest to the entrance.
If you are going to study to become a conductor, this is the building where all the theoretical training will take place, and if you are specializing in kindergarten, your practical training will also take place here too. The Pető András Faculty has two buildings, one for the kindergarten and another, in which you’ll find the Study Department and the Students’ Union office on the ground floor. Your lectures will take place in the latter. There are no large lecture rooms, only 7 smaller ones, where you can only lean against the backs of the chairs with caution. There is a banquet hall, in which also the PE lessons are held (after some packing). Unfortunately there is no cafeteria here, but there is a working microwave and kettle instead. The Semmelweis Clinic next door does have a cafeteria,make sure you manage your time wisely, as they are not happy if you are late for class. For students who want to relax, the student room downstairs with its armchairs and mattresses is a great place to do so.


Villányi Building: the Pető Institute
1118 Budapest, Villányi út 67.
It’s not difficult to get here either, as you’ll have to get off at the bus stop (155) „Pető Institute”, just like going to the Kútvölgyi Building, but without having to walk any further.
This building is the very first in the history of Pető András Faculty, so don’t be surprised by its size, as it is a primary school. It’s also a hostel for the children who study there and a dormitory for the students. Furthermore, it’s also the practice place for the teachers student conductors, but you’ll probably come here too, for half a year in the first year.
On the ground floor are the upper classes and the laboratory, and there are also medical and nursing services available. On the first floor are the preparatory classes and the lower classes, and there is also a gym. On the second floor there is the library, the assembly hall and the boarding children’s rooms, and if these were not enough, the students’ dormitory is also here.
As you walk down from here to the basement, you will find a large storage room, and outside there is a large courtyard.
Despite the fact that medical care and therapies take place here, there is no hospital atmosphere, as the walls are decorated with tables and paintings and the corridors are filled with exhibited equipment, creating a really homely atmosphere.


Language Institute
1094 Budapest, Ferenc tér 15.
The building is also accessible from the Mester utca tram stop and from the EOK.
The building is in a very lovely location with a playground and a small park with shady trees and benches. Therefore, even after classes, if you want some peace and quiet, you won’t have to go far. And if you want to do some excersises, there is also a jogging track there.
The easiest way to reach the institute is from the direction of EOK. If you’re facing the EOK, there’s a small street on the left, with an archway that goes all the way to Ferenc Square.
There you will see a green-beige building, the Language Institute. If you’re a student of the Faculty of Medicine / Daculty of Health Sciences / Faculty of Dentistry / Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences , you will have your Latin classes here, and this is also the place for all other language classes.


Faculty of Health Sciences – Erkel Street Building
1046 Budapest, Erkel Ferenc utca 26.
It is located about 15 minutes walk from the „Újpest Centre”, the last stop of metro line M3, but it can also be reached by bus and tram. If you are studying to be a paramedic officer, this is the right place. Classes are held on the lower floors, as the upper floor of the building is part of the Bókay Dormitory.
The auditoriums are on the ground floor and the cafeteria is also on this floor, down the corridor to the left.
On the first floor are the rooms for the Terminology and Communication Group, the classrooms for the foreign languages and IT courses. This is where the Latin, English and German classes for the paramedic student will be held.
The basement is the home of the paramedics and the Department of Oxiology. Here is the Oxi Arena, which is unique in Hungary but also in Europe, because it has everything from a construction site to a pub or to a car that you can possibly encounter in real life in the course of your profession as a paramedic.


Faculty of Health Sciences – Vas Street Building
1088 Budapest, Vas utca 17.
It can be reached from several directions. From Kálvin Square it is about a 10 minute walk, and from Astoria it takes about the same time but if you are running late, you can also take a bus for 1 stop to „Urania”. Blaha Lujza Square is about 5-8 minutes walk.
This is the building where the midwife, nurse, health visitor, public health inspector, optometrist, dietician and vocal-, speech- and swallowing therapist training takes place.
Through the main entrance you enter to the lobby. On the left you will find the Study Department and the Student Office, and to the right is the cloakroom, which will be useful in winter.
In the basement you will find our superb cafeteria, with an indoor and a lovely outdoor dining area, where you can sit out and enjoy the good weather. On this floor you will also find the Students’ Union office, where you can borrow a cloak for your practical training in case you forget to bring your own, but please note, we can only provide a limited number of them.
We also have a so-called “ovi” area where you can study, have your lunch, have a talk to each other, or use one of the computers, that are placed there, too. In case you bring your own lunch, you can use the „microwave-room” to warm up your meal.
This is a 5 story-building, the classrooms and the departments numbering on each floor will starts with the floor’s number.


Óbuda University – John Neumann Faculty of Computer Science
1036 Budapest, Bécsi út 96/b
To get here, take the tram 4-6 from the „Corvin negyed” to the Buda side of the Margaret Bridge. Change there to tram 17, 19 or 41, to the „ Katinyi Mártírok útja” stop, and then take a two-minute walk.
As a student of the Faculty of Public Health Services, you will have lectures here, besides the NET, EOK, The Tömő Street Auditorium and Hőgyes locations.


Physical Education Facilities (Zágrábi Road Sports Field)
1103 Budapest, Zágrábi utca 14.
It is about 8-10 minutes walk from the metro/metro replacement bus line M3 „Pöttyös utca” stop.
This facility is used for various recreational events and also for training sessions for students in various sports such as football, handball, volleyball, basketball.

Information for freshers

Information for freshers