This plays a big role in the life of a student in our university. Basically, it’s joining the scientific work in the university as a student, where you can get an insight of the work of several researcher teams in accordance with your own interests. It allows you to improve your skills which will get you an advantage in the later years. You can work in a laboratory, you’ll handle some databases, evaluate some medical files or you get the chance to process the freshest academic writings which will give you a great base for your thesis and your work after graduation as a doctor or a researcher as well.
With the advancement of the scientific work, you’ll get the chance to attend conferences such as the yearly Semmelweis University Students’ Scientific Association Conference where you can match your knowledge with other students from the university on your field of interest. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to qualify yourself based on your accomplishment in the university conference to the National Conference where you can compete with students from the other 3 university in Medical and Healthcare categories. During the award ceremony apart from the first free places additional special prizes will be given to the worthy ones. The prizes will be offered by medical companies and medical device manufacturers. To attend a conference, you need to create an abstract which is crucial in many fields of the academic community. This will introduce your lecture, summarize your work, the method and the accomplishments as it is expected in scientific publications.
Above these it is a huge advantage when it comes to writing your degree thesis or the rector’s academic thesis because it will give you knowledge, experience and scientific base and all of these could be important at the beginning of your doctorate course.
In conclusion during your work in Students’ Scientific Association can be a great insight in your field of interest and huge base for later academic work which could be useful in both clinical and researcher carriers.