Tamás FREI

head of committee

Mission, vision:

The committee was created for individual representation of the interests of dormitory students, to coordinate the social life in the dorms.
Members include the head of committee and the chiefs of Dormitory Subcommittees.
There is a subcommittee operating according to each dormitory under the Domitory Committee.
If you have any question, idea or you want to be part of our team contact us with confidence: hok.dormitory@semmelweis.hu.


Application for dormitories


Dormitory place can only be occupied by students vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. Students who do not have a valid vaccination certificate will not be allowed to move into the dormitory.


Members of the committe

Frei Tamás (head of committee)
Csik Boglárka (chief of Kátai SC)
– (chief of Bókay SC)
Kekk Zsófia (chief of Balassa SC)
Peti Kamilla (chief of Markusovszky SC)
Tarcsai Emese (chief of Pető SC)

Members of the Dormitry Subcommittees:

Balassa János Dormitory
Bartalos Szabolcs
Buzsáki Dárius
Fekete Rea Réka
Kovács Kristóf
Kovács Róbert
Miszori Tamás
Román Klára
Varga Bálint Ferenc

id. Bókay János Dormitory

Kátai Gábor Dormitory
Csik Boglárka

Markusovszky Lajos Dormitory
Czéh Lenke
Kálovics Emma
Pietras Marcin
Reza-Moazen Sára
Ritz Anna

Pető András Dormitory
Barna Eszter