Event planning vice president


General event coordinator


General event coordinator


BAKÓ Benedek

Entertainment event coordinator


MAGYAR Kristóf

Sports event coordinator


Mission, vision:

Our aim is to make student life more enjoyable by organising events that cover the needs of all students at the university. While preserving the university’s traditions, we believe it is important to organise innovative and novel events, thus enriching the already wide range of events at the university.

Our main events include the Ice Carnival, the Matinee and the Freshers’ Camp. We also place particular emphasis on the organisation of international programmes, the biggest of which are the Carnival and the new International Gólytali. We are also responsible for the organisation of student sports life, cheerleading programmes, university-level sports programmes and the Medikus Cup. It also organises various screenings and health campaigns in Hungary and abroad. And SMMLWSxParties by HÖK wants to give you the best night out.

If you have any questions, ideas, would like to join us, or if we can help you, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address above!


Members of the committe

The folders with the students’ names, which contain the monthly public work reports and the application documents of the officials, are available with university access via this link. The search bar works, it is easy to find students and reports.
Allowing external requests are being resolved. Until it’s done, you can ask for specific report by writing to this e-mail.


Bányóczki Bence
Bárdos Csenge
Békési Dániel
Bényi Botond Boldizsár
Farkas Enzo
Fekete Rea Réka
Frei Tamás
Gál Benedek
Gesztes Noémi
Gombos Liza
Hámori Attila
Hámori Réka
Hankiss Flóra Regina
Haupert Vivien
Horváth Annamária
Horváth Petra
Horváth Szabolcs
Jankó Árpád
Katona Viktória
Kenyeres Boglárka
Kiss Regina
Koós Gábor
Kozma Márk
Laczkó Petra
László Zsófia
Lehoczki Csilla
Lipták Zoltán
Lohinai Zsombor
Löfler Benedek Rudolf
Luu Le Duc Viet Dávid
Major-Eisler Emese
Mándoki András
Máthé Izabella
Mehdi Karolina
Meskó Csongor Zoltán
Mészáros Csaba
Nagy Dorottya
Osztovits Kinga
Sáfár Orsolya
Shawna Mariah Leftwich
Suskó Eszter
Szilágyi Sándor
Varga Bettina
Varga Olivér
Varga Sára
Varga Veronika Dalma
Vas Viktória