You must have heard about burning out. Freshers do not think that this could happen during their university years. When you only concentrate on your dreams and goals a lot of students forget about their loved hobbies and other outside the university activities. These activities could be doing sports and going to cultural events. There are also a number of programs in the organization of our university that are not about learning, but about culture.
Such large-scale events are the Freshmen’s Ball, the International Semmelweis Carnival or the Semmelweis Spring Festival.

The Freshmen’s Ball is one of the most elegant event of the year. The freshmen will become Semmelweis Citizen this evening. The Theoretical Block in Nagyvárad Square (NET) is completely transformed for this evening. Drink counters appear next to the lecture halls, and a huge stage in the lobby is home to famous bands and DJs.
The International Semmelweis Carnival is already a special event because Hungarian and foreign student organizations make it a reality together. In this event, we can learn about different cultures through their divine food, which is prepared for us by our fellow students. The event is always a huge success, so I suggest that if someone is interested in special flavors, be sure to buy your ticket on time.

The Semmelweis Spring Festival is a worthy greeting for Spring. At the two-day event, students, or even teachers, can compare their talents. There are also individual, duet, group, dance, singer and musical performances.

Since the formation of the Medical Orchestra, it has grown into a famous ensemble, which delights its audience not only at the university’s own events, but also at other patinated events thanks to external invitations. If somebody in the need of a good jam session, you can register for an optional subject, where you can improvise and bring out your inner talents.

The huge student community includes a lot of talented people. For those who are interested in journalism, photography or to edit a tab you have the opportunity to try yourselves. In addition to interviews, university, health and scientific news, lighter topics will be included in the Szinapszis published by the Students’ Union (HÖK).

Outside of school organization, there are great opportunities when it comes to recreation. The university’s students and teachers get discounts from a lot of museums and theaters ticket prices. Here are some examples: Pesti Magyar Színház, Radnóti Színház, Vármúzeum, Óbudai Múzeum. If you are interested in any of these details or are interested in further discounts, you can find information on the University website under the “Students” tab.

Information for freshers

Information for freshers