Faculty of Dentistry
Dean | Dr. Gerber Gábor

There are around 80-100 Hungarian freshmen at Dentistry every year, but there are many others starting in English and in German language programs, the spirit is very homely. The Dean’s office for internationals is in the EOK on the first floor.

We follow a modular order of education on our faculty, you will go through three modules. These are in chronological order: theoretical module (1st and 2nd year), preclinical module (3rd year) and the clinical module (4th and 5th year).

The theoretical module is all about the mastering of medicinal science with subjects like anatomy, biophysics, physiology but there are also clinical grounding subjects to escape the theoretical curriculum.

You can have a taste in the technique of the handling of the drilling gear and practice procedures on phantom-faces. In the summer after the first year there is an assisting and odontotechnological summer practice where you can learn how to assist properly, so that you can later help each other’s work and experience how it feels to work next to the dental chair. You will also get to know the work process of dental technicians.

During the preclinical module in 3rd year, you start working on real-life patients, but you will have plenty of theoretical subjects as well.

In the clinical module there are still some purely theoretical subjects, but you will mostly participate in several practices and have a peak into every field of dentistry.

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Bernadett KOVÁCS
head of faculty
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Information for freshers

Information for freshers