At its March meeting, the Senate voted, among other things, to introduce an international athlete scholarship, to rename the Department of Surgical Research and Techniques, and to modify the regulations of paid leave of absence.

At its March meeting, the Senate voted to amend the Remuneration and Benefits Policy within the Organizational and Operational Rules (SzMSz) to include an international athlete scholarship. The aim of this scholarship is to improve sporting life at Semmelweis University, primarily via supporting and encouraging international students actively involved in competitive women’s water polo, thus ensuring a balance between study and high-level sporting activities.

The Senate approved to rename the Department of Surgical Research and Techniques to Department of Experimental Cardiology and Surgical Techniques.

With regard to the Faculty of Dentistry, the board voted to clarify the Remuneration and Benefits Policy within the SzMSz and to amend the faculty’s provisions on the National Higher Education Scholarship.

The Senate discussed and approved the reports of standing committees set up by the board – the Examination and Studies Committee, the Credit Transfer Committee, the Ethical and Disciplinary Committee, as well as the Practical Training Committee and the Publishing and Library Committee of the András Pető Faculty. At its March meeting, the board also reviewed current applications for senior management positions.

The board discussed and adopted an amendment to the provisions of SzMSz regulations on granting leave of absence. The precursor to the regulation is that the process of preparing and amending the annual leave of absence plan, as well as its documentation and recording in the employment-related register, were renewed at the beginning of last year in order to ensure that all days of leave of absence to which Semmelweis University employees are entitled are granted in the year in which they are due, pursuant to the statutory provisions, and that no days of leave of absence accrue. As a result of this measure, employees’ leave of absence days for the year 2023 were granted on a scheduled basis by the end of the year, and part of the leave days accrued from previous years (almost half at university level) was also granted. The university management, in consultation with the Council of Employees and the Semmelweis Healthcare Workers’ Union, has decided to grant recreational leave to those employees who had not managed to take their previously accrued leave of absence by the end of 2023. Recreational leave can be taken once the annual leave has been granted in the given year, it is valid for five years and cannot be exchanged for money. The detailed conditions for its use will be laid down in a joint instruction issued by the rector, chancellor, and president of the Clinical Center. For health professionals, annual leave not taken during the emergency in 2021 may be granted within three years of the year in which it was due, i.e. until the end of 2024.

Anita Szepesi
Translation: Judit Szabados-Dőtsch
Photo by Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University