The P.E. and Sports Center of Semmelweis University invites all runners affiliated with the university to participate in the newly launched Higher Education Cup as part of the Spar Budapest Marathon street running festival. Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry and Head of the Center Dr. Gábor Gerber said it is important to be as many as possible and to show that Semmelweis Citizens actively take care of their health through physical activity and the experience of togetherness.

The Spar Budapest Marathon street running festival is scheduled for October 14-15, 2023, and takes place within the framework of the Higher Education Cup. The final result of the competition is determined by the total number of points obtained by the university contestants. Semmelweis University’s P.E. and Sports Center – which has been participating in the competition since the beginning of its operation – provides the university’s runners with the opportunity to rest and change clothes in a separate tent, and the members also receive a finish package.

Head of the P.E. and Sports Center Dr. Gábor Gerber said he would like the Semmelweis University team to achieve outstanding results in the first Higher Education Cup. As he said, many leaders, lecturers, students, and staff of the university run regularly, and now they have the opportunity to express their belonging to the Semmelweis Family with this joint competition entry. In this way, running is not only good for their health but also increases the cohesiveness of the community, moreover, such a community experience can also be a significant motivation later during daily training. He added that as a university of health sciences, we have a social duty to set an example in this as well. Dr. Gábor Gerber pointed out that anyone who runs on behalf of other smaller or larger running communities can also join the Semmelweis team. He emphasized that foreign students are also welcome to join the team.

Individual entry is available on this link. More details can be obtained from the main organizer, Piroska Nyámándi, at


Péter Pogrányi
Translation: Mária Sánta
Photo: Képszerkesztőség — Tamás Ardon (archive)