Between 28 August and 2 September 2023, the Hungarian Kidney Foundation and Semmelweis University organized for the 27th time the internationally renowned summer nephrology university, known as the Budapest Nephrology School, which this year was hosted by the Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research.

This year’s course, which is also supported by the Hungarian Society of Nephrology, the European Renal Association (ERA) and the International Society of Nephrology (ISN), attracted European participants as well as nephrologists from Indonesia and Australia. The course was available free of charge to PhD students at Semmelweis University, while other young colleagues were offered scholarships to support their participation.

The scientific program covered the most exciting and novel areas of nephrology, from molecule to bedside. The newly discovered regulatory mechanisms of salt and water balance and their interaction with metabolism, the role of blood pressure and the central nervous system, the latest methods to visualize kidney function at the molecular level, glomerular diseases, transplantation, dialysis and rare diseases were also discussed. Renowned speakers from abroad were joined by lecturers from Semmelweis University. The course is accredited by the EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education), so participation and taking the test exam was worth 30 CME credits worldwide.

The program is more than just a high-level training course, it is a workshop and an international professional meeting for debate, building friendships, networking and cultural events. An event at which students could practice Tai Chi, enjoy a dance performance and learn the secrets of the Rubik’s Cube during the break. The leisure time was enriched by joint activities, including a wine dinner, a wine competition, a Danube cruise, an organ concert, a tour of the main building of Semmelweis University, a Parliament guided tour, through which the participants from abroad could also get a taste of Hungarian hospitality.



At the end of the course, Dr. Orsolya Cseprekál, Department of Surgery, Transplantation and Gastroenterology, Chair of the ERA Young Nephrologists’ Platform (YNP) spoke about the opportunities YNP offers for young professionals, which was followed by a presentation of the work and future plans of young colleagues working at Semmelweis University, Dr. Deján Dobi, Department of Pathology, Forensic and Insurance Medicine; Dr. Orsolya Horváth, Pediatric Center, Bókay Street Department; Dr. Nóra Ledó, Department of Internal Medicine and Oncology and Dr. Eszter Lévai, Pediatric Center, Bókay Street Department.

One of the world’s most renowned, high-quality training courses was launched in 1993 by Founder and President Dr. László Rosivall. The six-day school has so far attracted students from 68 countries from America to New Zealand.

Speakers at the Nephrology School included Ottó Árkossy (Germany), Jan Becker (Germany), Marc De Broe (Belgium), Szilveszter Dolgos (Hungary), Simin Goral (USA), Georgina Gyarmati (USA), Ágnes Haris (Hungary), Harold Helderman (USA), Csaba P. Kovesdy (USA), Friedrich C. Luft (Germany), Miklos Zs. Molnar (USA), György Nagy (Hungary, Semmelweis University), Pontus B. Persson (Germany), János Peti-Peterdi (USA), Zoltán Prohászka (Hungary, Semmelweis University), György Reusz (Hungary, Semmelweis University), László Rosivall (Hungary, Semmelweis University), András Tislér (Hungary, Semmelweis University), Jens M. Titze (Singapore), Kálmán Tory (Hungary, Semmelweis University), Sotirios Zarogiannis (Greece).

Directorate of Communication
Translation: Judit Szabados-Dőtsch