No. of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 29 January 2023
545342 Total vaccines
Katalin Blaskó, retired Associate Professor of the Department of Biophysics and Radiation Biology, former Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy passed away at the age of 82.

After her school years in Győr, Katalin Blaskó was admitted to the Faculty of Pharmacy at Semmelweis University, where she graduated in 1963. During her studies, she became interested in biophysical topics and worked as a student researcher at the then Institute of Medical Physics (now: Department of Biophysics and Radiation Biology).

After graduating, she took up a position at the Institute, where she joined the isotope research group of Dr. János Nagy. This determined her later scientific career: she investigated the interactions of antibiotics with membranes and the kinetics of transport across membranes using radioisotope methods. She defended his PhD thesis in 1984.

As a teacher, she first conducted practicals and gave lectures in Hungarian, and from the start of the English-language medical training, she also taught biophysics in English at a high level. For more than a decade, she was a lecturer in biophysics at the Faculty of Pharmacy. From 1999 to 2006 she was Vice-Dean of the Faculty.

After her retirement, she continued her teaching career, giving lectures and tutorials, and, as part of the Institute’s Teaching of Teachers program, attending the classes of young teachers and providing advice on their professional development.

In recent years, due to her failing health, Dr. Katalin Blaskó has rarely left her home. Nevertheless, she took a keen interest in university events and followed the development of the Institute of Biophysics and Radiobiology closely.

The Department of Biophysics and Radiation Biology, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy, have lost an outstanding teacher of great stature, who was a humble and dedicated instructor.

Her memory will be cherished by the community of the Department of Biophysics and Radiation Biology.