Semmelweis University in Budapest is the best-ranking university in Central Eastern Europe. Semmelweis rose to 236th from 277th place in The Times Higher Education world university rankings for 2023.

The university has been continuously improving its position: over five years, it has climbed to the best 250 from the 401-500 tier.

The university has improved in all factors measured and has been in the top 25% in Teaching, Citations and International Outlook.

It achieved particularly high scores in research citations and also excelled in international outlook, a criterion assessing, among others, the ratio of international staff and co-authorships. The university also has a healthy pool of foreign and overseas students – a third of those enrolled –  increasing every year.

Semmelweis University prides itself in being an institution where education, research and patient care are closely intertwined and research circles back to the bedside to truly benefit patients.

This practical approach has led to the constant increase of PhD-students whose number has more than doubled in the past eight semesters.

Scientific work played a large part in why Nikita Thießen, a fourth-year student currently studying medicine at Semmelweis’s German-language training selected this institution over others. Originally from Berlin, Nikita went to high school abroad and planned to return to Germany to pursue medicine. But due to an administrative lag that forced him to wait, he decided to look elsewhere. “I looked at several universities abroad including in the US and the UK and actually got admitted to more.”

Part of the reason he chose Semmelweis University is that it teaches medicine right from the start as opposed to some other countries where initially it is mostly theory, he says.

The preclinic is very intense but very thorough and it gives a unique, in-depth insight into subjects also from a research point of view, he adds.

“This, too, was enticing; to be able to get involved in research at an undergraduate level. I am currently part of a small research group and get to publish in renowned and smaller papers.” Studying here is also more affordable even as a foreign student who is paying tuition fee. Beyond the course, it is the city life and the opportunities Budapest has to offer that Thießen highlights. “With its architecture, city life and clubs, Budapest has a unique flair. It is a global city where it feels good to be a student.”    

When looking at institutions, Amirmasoud Alijanpourotaghsara wanted to choose one that is prestigious and well-known overseas as well because he wishes to continue his studies in the US. “At the time, my brother was studying at Semmelweis University so I was aware of the quality of teaching” – the fifth-year Semmelweis student says. Prior to making a decision, he referred to several rankings, including that of the Times Higher Education.

I wanted to study at a place where theory and practice are given equally emphasis. Here you can freely approach any department and they will help you get involved in research and get your article published in science papers.

“It is not only about learning medicine, it is about excelling in it and Semmelweis allows you to achieve this.”  

Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University