When a first child is born, successful breastfeeding is not always a self-evident process, many mothers struggle to feed their babies with breast milk for as long as possible. Semmelweis University’s educational videos offer practical help in learning the correct way to breastfeed and latch onto the breast, and also prepare mothers for situations related to the proper storage, shelf life and usability of breast milk.

1 August is World Breastfeeding Day, when experts highlight the fact that breastfeeding is the most natural way for babies to receive the nutrition they need, while also providing them with the physical and psychological development benefits of breastfeeding, which is known to be pain-relieving, bowel-moving, bonding, comforting, soothing and calming.

In the first video you can see the correct way of latching onto the breast. It is recommended to support the head of the baby with your index finger and thumb at the nape of the neck so that the head can move freely.

The next video shows storage, shelf life and use of breast milk. As our expert, Dr. Anna Zsuzsa Bagoly explains, it is important to store the breast milk in a tightly closed, disinfected, screw-top container. You have to make sure that the date of milking is written on the label.

The breast milk can be stored at room temperature for a maximum of 4 hours. If you want to use the milk for a longer period, it can be stored safely in the back of the fridge at 4 degrees Celsius for up to 4 days.

Since 1992, the first week of August has been World Breastfeeding Week. For information on this year’s campaign, visit this website.

Eszter Csatári-Földváry

Expert: Dr. Anna Zsuzsa Bagoly

Video: Tamara Bartincki, Ábel Bálint, Eszter Kovács, Máté Lefler, Zétény Varga, Anita Zsemlye – Semmelweis University