At the ceremony held at Madách Theatre in Budapest, 129 new dentists were inaugurated at the Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University, including 31 English-speaking and 10 German-speaking students. The students were greeted with a handshake by Dr. Péter Hermann, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, and Dr. Gábor Gerber, Dean of the Faculty.

“There are some remarkable days in our life which, because of their importance and solemnity, will be defining for a lifetime, becoming memories that we remember with tears in our eyes and fondness even after years and decades. For you, today is that kind of day. This is certainly the last time you and your classmates will be together like this. Today is all about you”, Dr. Péter Hermann, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs said.

He pointed out that the students had to prove their worth by being admitted to Semmelweis, as the University is the institution with the highest scores in the field of medicine and health sciences, and only the best students are admitted, which guarantees the high quality of education. He also referred to the institution’s achievements in international rankings, including the Times Higher Education 2022 aggregate world ranking, in which Semmelweis University is in the top 300, and the ShanghaiRanking 2021 list of fields, in which the faculty was the first and only Hungarian university to be ranked in the top 200.

He emphasized under how special, extraordinary circumstances the students had to perform because of the pandemic.

“You had to cope not only with the curriculum, but you had to hold on far from your home country, from your loved ones, from a secure support system,” he said. “We dentists have always been proud of the family atmosphere that characterizes the dental profession. Now that you have become part of this family, you should be proud too, and try to add to the prestige of this family through your work and behaviour, and to the recognition that has been achieved not easily over the decades within the medical profession,” the Vice-Rector added.

Afterwards, Andrián Veress, candidate dentist, presented the application for the inauguration. After the trilingual swearing-in ceremony, the students were greeted with a handshake by Dr. Péter Hermann, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, and Dr. Gábor Gerber, Dean of the Faculty.

“I could talk about how much hard work, sweat and perseverance it took to be here today, but we know that. And those also know it, who accompanied us today. Our success cannot be taken for granted: we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our teachers and tutors for their outstanding teaching, to our friends and family who waited with bated breath for the phone call with the results after the exam,” said Dr. Adrián Veress on behalf of the Hungarian graduating dentists, recalling some of the iconic moments in his life as a student and looking ahead to the opportunities ahead.

On behalf of the English-speaking students, Dr. Salar Nabati thanked parents, relatives, friends, teachers, mentors and patients. “As you all sit here today, I am sure we all agree that the struggles and sacrifices along the way have been worth it. Congratulations for not giving up! Let’s not forget the tears and sweat for each of our patients, tackling everything from the smallest cavities to the most complex root canals, from the first impression taking to the preparation of FPDs and RPDs, from the first time we administered local anaesthesia when our hands were shaking like never before to the simpler and more surgical tooth extractions,” he added.



The newly inaugurated dentistry doctors were welcomed by Dr. Gábor Gerber, Dean of the Faculty. He pointed out that, as an anatomy lecturer and dean, he was able to follow the students’ studies from the very first day.

“Due to the pandemic, your training has been complemented by an unexpected practical part. You voluntary performed a total of thousands of hours of work on the front line! Your dedication and sacrifice deserve recognition! I am sure that you have gained useful experience not only in the practical implementation of the tests, but also in people skills and self-awareness”, he stressed. In his speech, Dr. Gábor Gerber referred to the curricular reform, which will allow for an even more practice-oriented education, and the international character of the faculty: the 900 students studying there come from 37 countries around the world.

“It is not surprising that the Semmelweis diploma you have just received is highly recognized in many countries, because it shows that the holder is well prepared to treat patients according to evidence-based medicine,” he said. He recalled the life of Ignác Semmelweis and its lessons, as well as the faculty’s outstanding performance in international rankings. “From today, as Semmelweis University alumni, you will be ambassadors of our university around the world. Therefore, we expect you to enhance the reputation and promote the esteem of medicine and Semmelweis University, as you took an oath to do a few minutes ago. I assure you that our university will continue to be open to you and will provide you with all the support you need to succeed in this endeavour”, the Dean concluded. 


Ádám Szabó

Translation: Rita Kónya
Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University