Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 15. September 2021
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The International Union of Physiological Sciences has launched the IUPS Academy of Physiology this year, dr. László Hunyady (university professor, head of the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University) is one of the 30 newly elected Fellows to the academy.

IUPS has established the Academy of Physiology to celebrate and publicize the important contributions made by physiologists to science and health. The IUPS Academy will grow every year with 30 newly elected members and 2-6 Honorary Fellows. Dr. László Hunyady (university professor, head of the Department of Physiology) was among the newly elected members. There are 11 more professionals coming from Europe, other representatives come from America (8), Asia (5), Africa (4), Australia (1) and Oceania (1). The IUPS academy consists in addition of annually elected Fellows (FIUPS) all of them are Nobel Laureates, Peter C. Agre (USA), Stefan W. Hell and Erwin Neher (Germany) – reported the Academia Europaea. The primary goal of the members is to represent the mission of IUPS and their scientific and professional advice and approaches are key to the Academy’s success.

IUPS is a collective of national and international organizations that represent physiologists around the globe connecting researchers, educators and students. The mission of IUPS is to promote physiology worldwide, both in research and education, and to champion the importance of physiology as an indispensable scientific discipline, emphasizing its relevance to medicine and global health. The current membership includes more than 60 national physiological societies (as adhering bodies) and is present in all continents. Their IUPS Congress is convened every four years since 1889. The first congress was held in Basel, the last, 38th congress was organised in Rio de Janeiro in 2017. In 1980, the event took place in Budapest, the chairman of the organizing committee was professor Kálmán Lissák.


Department of Physiology

Photo: dr. László Hunyady

Translation: Norbert Lukács