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The prestigious awards of the Hungarian Paediatric Society were awarded to the healthcare professionals of the 2nd Department of Paediatrics of Semmelweis University: dr. Tivadar Tulassay, Rector Emeritus and dr. György Reusz university professor. The awards were handed out during the formal sitting of the society’s annual ceremony in Pécs.

Dr. Tivadar Tulassay received a Schoepf-Merei medal for his outstanding professional work in the area of paediatrics and child healthcare. He was also recognized for his role in helping the continuous development of the Hungarian Paediatric Society. The former rector of Semmelweis University held his memorial presentation on Ágost Schoepf-Merei online. The presentation featured a detailed introduction of Schoepf-Merei’s professional career. Dr. Tulassay praised his patriotism, saying that Schoepf-Merei’s personality and professional work can serve as a model for the younger generation.

Dr. Tulassay Tivadar


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Dr. Reusz György
Dr. Reusz György

Dr. György Reusz was awarded with a Kerpel-Fronius award in recognition for his high-quality scientific work in the area of paediatrics. Dr. Reusz talked about the great paediatricians of the past and he also introduced his younger colleagues, as successors also play an important role in the field of paediatrics.

After handing out the previously mentioned awards, a new prize was introduced to the public. The “Oláh Éva memorial pen” recognises the author of the best case report in the periodical “Gyermekgyógyászat” (Paediatrics). Dr. Beatrix Elmont (paediatrician of the Szent Rafael Hospital in Zala county) was the first paediatrician to receive this recognition.


Balázs Hiller

Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University (featured image), Hungarian Paediatric Society (gallery)

Translation: Norbert Lukács