Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 21. October 2021
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The Senate has chosen to delegate Dr. Róza Nagy, member of the Consistory of Semmelweis University, to the supervisory board of the Foundation for National Health Care and Medical Education.

The Senate voted unanimously to delegate Dr. Róza Nagy to the supervisory board of the Foundation for National Health Care and Medical Education, which will be the controlling authority of Semmelweis University following the higher education model change. As we have reported earlier, the Hungarian Parliament passed the law creating the new asset management foundations on April 27, 2021, based on which several universities in Hungary will operate in this new model, including Semmelweis as of August 1 this year.

Rector Dr. Béla Merkely and chancellor Dr. Lívia Pavlik informed the senators about the details of the new law, as well as the forum held last week with government commissioner Dr. István Stumpf, where the names of the new foundation’s board were also announced. The new law also stipulates that in the case of universities, the Senate can delegate one member to the three-member supervisory board of the foundations.

Dr. Róza Nagy has been chief advisor at the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) since 2019, prior to which she was the MNB’s director general, and between 2010-2013 the state secretary for public administration at the Ministry for National Economy. An economist, she has been a member of the Semmelweis Consistory since November 2019.

At this extraordinary May session, the Senate also modified the rules governing commercial companies, in order to simplify providing support to Semmelweis Health Care Kft, which is in charge of providing medical services to the Swimming European Championships being held in Budapest between May 10-23.

At the start of the meeting, Dr. Merkely announced that the Senate approved on April 29 via electronic vote all 13 proposals on the agenda. These included the 2021 Asset Management Plan, the setting up of a new Laboratory Animal Sciences Coordination Center, as well as modifications to various rules and regulations, the English-language program of the School of PhD Studies, and a new off-campus conductor program at the Faculty of András Pető, among others.

Pálma Dobozi
Translation: Tamás Deme
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University (illustration)