Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 04 May 2021
219505 Total vaccines
14121 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

How is the effectiveness of vaccines determined? Why is there a need for multi-stage clinical trials? What is the difference between vaccination reactions and vaccination complications? In the closing episode of the first season of KliniKaland, these questions are also answered by Semmelweis University’s animated short film, which explains every important detail from clinical testing to side effects to herd immunity.

When a new vaccine is developed and found to be effective in animal experiments, it must go through a multi-stage clinical trial for our safety to exclude possible serious side effects and to prove the effectiveness of the vaccine.

In the case of vaccine candidates, testing, that is to say the clinical trial, always consists of three strictly controlled phases, followed by a follow-up of the already approved vaccines.

The animated short film entitled Vaccinations Part 2 – From Clinical Testing to Herd Immunity can be viewed here:

The next season of KliniKaland, which is expected to be released in the autumn, will cover similarly interesting and important topics in an understandable and humorous way.

The animated film was prepared by the film team of Semmelweis University’s Directorate of Communication and Event Management (animation: Bettina Gál). The professional reviewer of Vaccinations Part 2 was Dr. András Falus, immunologist and Dr. István Horváth, clinical pharmacist.