The fourth part of our photo reportage series presenting COVID care introduces the Balassa street building of Semmelweis University’s Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. The department has been treating patients with coronavirus since April 2020. Currently, the recovery of 80 COVID patients is assisted by health care professionals working there, whose work is supported by internists, pulmonologists and cardiologists. In the wards of the department, oxygen cylinders with the capacity of 40 litres provide the oxygen needed for respiratory therapies, which are changed every 12 hours, depending on their size and the patient needs. Attila Kovács, the photographer of the Directorate of Communications captured the moments of the morning briefing, as well as the changing process of oxygen cylinders when he spent some time in the red zone of the department.

Photos may only be used with the approval of the university, we cannot provide an opportunity for free use.