The fifth part of the photo reportage series taken at Semmelweis University presents the COVID care of the Department of Neurology.

Currently, 29 patients are treated for coronavirus in the red and gray zones of the department. There have been more elderly patients in the recent months, out of whom 41 were either 90 years old or above the age of 90. Two 100-year-old patients were also admitted by the department, who were able to leave the hospital after their treatment. Communicating with older patients is one of the largest difficulties for the departmental staff, which is even more challenging by wearing the protective equipment.

Last spring, profession-specific patients of the Department of Neurology and those of other hospitals in Budapest were treated at the department in addition to patients of the green zone (patients not affected by COVID-19 infection). In the fall wave, however, the department, as part of the university’s 2nd Epidemic Block, was fully involved in the care of COVID patients.

Attila Kovács, the photographer of Semmelweis University’s Directorate of Communication, provides insight into COVID care with his photos taken at the Department of Neurology.

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