Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 11 April 2021
141228 Total vaccines
13281 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

Nearly 4,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated so far against the coronavirus at Semmelweis University. The institution received 6,000 Pfizer vaccines before the long Easter weekend in order to launch a vaccination campaign and get as many expectant mothers protected as possible across the country. Until 6 April, 2021, those women who are in the second, third trimester, or have given birth within six months and already have a GP or gynecologist recommendation to receive the vaccine and are registered on the Vaccine Info interface could request an appointment at the phone numbers listed in our article. Only those who have been provided with a preliminary appointment should arrive at the vaccination points so that vaccination can be carried out safely without significant waiting.

Semmelweis University started vaccinating pregnant women one week ago, on 27 March, 2021, with the permission of the National Chief Medical Officer. The university has set up separate vaccination points for pregnant women, and they will be allowed to advance in line at other vaccination points, if possible. Up to now, 3,962 expectant mothers — 2,645 pregnant and 1,317 breastfeeding mothers — have received the vaccine.

Over the long Easter weekend, the university has launched another vaccination campaign: Semmelweis vaccination sites for pregnant women who are in the second or the third trimester and mothers who have given birth within six months (after 1 October, 2020) may request an appointment for the period up to 6 April, 2021. These women should already have a recommendation issued by a general practitioner or gynecologist that they can be vaccinated, and are registered on

Prenatal care documentations will also be requested at the vaccination points from those arriving for an appointment. As part of the Easter vaccination campaign, the university welcome those women from anywhere in the country according to the above mentioned criteria who request an appointment on one of the following numbers:

  • +36-30/016-4000

  • +36-30/016-4185

  • +36-30/016-4186

  • +36-30/016-4187

  • +36-30/016-4213

  • +36-30/016-4214

The university has prepared for the Easter campaign with a reinforced call center, but due to the expected significant number of calls, we ask for the patience of those involved.

The above numbers are available every day from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If the machine tells you that the number is not available, you will have to try again because it indicates a busy time. Please only arrive at the university vaccination points if you have requested an appointment in advance. The dispatcher will also indicate the time and the location of the vaccination.

There are 6,000 Pfizer vaccines available for expectant mothers in the Easter vaccination campaign, allowing the university to vaccinate as many people as possible. After that, from 7 April, 2021, in accordance with the national procedure, the university can welcome pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers assigned by general practitioners at the vaccination points of Semmelweis University. Starting from Wednesday, please do not contact the above numbers, but visit the GP who will arrange the vaccination for all eligible persons.

Meanwhile, Semmelweis University continues to vaccinate those eligible for vaccinations, assigned by their GPs, therefore there is a smooth reception of those already scheduled for the long weekend. On Thursday , the university successfully vaccinated teachers delegated to university vaccination points. Since 26 December, 2020, vaccinations have been ongoing on weekdays and weekends at the university, with more than 110,000 vaccines administered by university staff so far.