The Directorate of Communication at Semmelweis University has produced a series of animated educational films that help to maintain conscious health. The first part of the series called KliniKaland deals with vaccinations, in which we learn about how conventional and new vaccines, such as the ones against COVID-19, work.

The short film shows clearly and humorously, but professionally authentically how protection is developed under the influence of the vaccine.

In the further parts of the first season, we will learn about the immune system, the differences between viruses and bacteria, and the advantages and disadvantages of antibiotic treatment.

The first part called Vaccines I. can be viewed here:

The animated film was made by the film team of the Directorate of Communication and Event Management of Semmelweis University (animation: Bettina Gál). The professional reviser of Vaccines I. was Dr. András Falus, immunologist. The KliniKaland series can be heard in the narration of Péter Galambos.