Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 14 January 2021
11481 Total vaccines
5019 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

Several videos will give colour to the program of Semmelweis University’s Online Open House on 15-16 January. Interested students may get acquainted with different educational venues and the most preferred locations of student life via several virtual tours led by medical students. With the help of videos, participants of the Open House are provided with an insight into exclusive places such as the dissecting room or a propaedeutic teaching laboratory. During the two-day online event, the six faculties of the university, its four secondary health care schools, as well as the Students’ Scientific Association and the Kerpel-Fronius Talent Support Program will all have the opportunity to present their programs.

Even though interested students will not be able to meet with the leaders, teachers, medical-health care professionals and medical students of the university in person or cannot visit the institution because of the current epidemiological situation, yet they will have the opportunity to get to know more about the life of Semmelweis citizens. The university organizes an Online Open House on 15-16 January, in the course of which secondary students preparing for their entrance examinations may not only listen to interesting presentations and ask their questions during the interactive forums, but they can also watch several videos prepared especially for the event that introduce the education of each faculty and student life. The short videos prepared by students of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Faculty of Dentistry provide insight into exclusive places at the university, such as the dissecting room, a propaedeutic teaching laboratory or further venues of patient care, which could not be visited by a large number of interested participants on a traditionally held open house, either. However, in these short videos, the ongoing work now is presented by the medical students themselves. Besides the locations of seminars and practical training courses, the interested secondary school students may discover the venues of student life as well as the most preferred locations of free time and recreation in an online form.

Apart from the virtual touring at the university, the Semmelweis Online Open House awaits secondary students who are preparing for their entrance examination with several other programs: followed by the greeting speech of Dr. Béla Merkely, rector, the six faculties of the university will be introduced in short animated videos, afterwards the event will be continued in sections. Participants of the open house may get acquainted with the institution’s talent support programs, also interesting scientific-educational presentations will be held in the section of the Kerpel-Fronius Talent Support Program and the Students’ Scientific Association. The Faculty of Medicine will be introduced by its leadership, and during the office hours, the teachers and medical students will provide answers to the participants’ questions. The faculties will present their programs divided into majors, specializations and specialized trainings in the form of Zoom presentations, after which the participants will have the opportunity to ask their questions during the interactive forums. The programs offered by the Faculty of Health and Public Administration will introduce the Institute of Digital Health Sciences. In the course of the programs of the Faculty of Dentistry, each organizational unit and department will be introduced and online office hours will also be organized. The presentations of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences will enable participants to get to know more about the procedures related to the manufacture of tablets and drug research, as well as the role of medicinal herbs in modern medicine. András Pető Faculty will present the competency test required for the entrance examination in a short video. In addition, conductor training will be introduced as well, which is considered to be a unique training program worldwide: interested secondary school students who register for the event, may receive further information about the training facilities and employment opportunities with the help of these short videos.

On the occasion of the Online Open House, the “Why Semmelweis?” series have expanded with three new videos, in which Semmelweis citizens talk about their relationship with the university and about their experiences. These videos will be presented for the first time during this event.

Ádám Szabó
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University (illustration)
Translation: Katalin Illés-Romhányi