The EUniWell Seed Funding Call is open for educational and research projects that contribute to well-being and are realized in the collaboration of at least three universities. To facilitate successful applications, Semmelweis University organized an online consultation event on 14 January 2021. where staff and students of the university presented their project ideas. The deadline for project proposal submission is 29 January 2021.

One of the priority objectives of EUniWell (European University of Well-Being), an alliance of seven universities, is to provide an opportunity for sharing professional knowledge between its members. Projects realized in the collaboration of at least three partner universities and related to well-being are expected to be submitted as defined by the Seed Funding Call. To aid successful application, Semmelweis University held a consultation event on 14 January 2021, which was opened by Dr. Miklós Kellermayer, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and EUniWell project lead. In his introduction, he said that participation in the project is a great opportunity for all university citizens to build partnerships between the universities and to encourage knowledge transfer. In addition to Semmelweis University, the association includes Leiden University, Linnaeus University, the University of Birmingham, the University of Cologne, the University of Florence and the University of Nantes, thus offering a wide range of cooperation opportunities.

In addition to the online event, Semmelweis University supports successful application with individual counselling in order to realize as many international multidisciplinary educational and research as possible. Projects of students and researchers were also presented at the consultation event. Innovation, knowledge transfer between the consortium partners and objectives targeting well-being have been given special emphasis in each project, therefore these projects stand a good chance in the application.

“Each of the seven universities making up EUniWell adds 50,000 euros to a common grant fund on a yearly basis, which enables the funding of 14 projects per year. The universities will profit from the invested money through the winning joint projects. Each winning project of each round of applications can receive a funding of maximum 25,000 euros. Our goal is to optimize Semmelweis University’s resources by taking part in as many applications as possible.”, as Dr. Miklós Kellermayer previously said.

In case of questions and ideas, the Office of the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation and the Innovation Centre will provide information at the e-mail address Those looking for partners within the consortium for their project ideas may indicated their interest on an online platform and an online partner search forum was also held on 18 January 2021.

Further information on the Seed Funding Call is available on the website of EUniWell:

Directorate of International Relations
Photo: EUniWell (illusrtation), Zoltán Tuba
Translation: Ágnes Raubinek