The renewed student-friendly courtyard of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology was inaugurated and the renovation works of the courtyard at the Central Patient Care Unit and some student areas of the Nagyvárad tér Theoretical Building are to be completed soon. During the inauguration ceremony Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector thanked more thanked 190 students for volunteering to take part in PCR testing in the past few months.

“Faithful to the legacy of Ignác Semmelweis more than 190 students have taken part in ensuring the seamless procedure of PCR testing. They have already proven that being a doctor or healthcare professional is not merely a job but a true calling. While preparing for this vocation our students spend major part of their time within the walls of the university, thus it becomes their second home. This is why the leadership of the university considers it important that Semmelweis Citizens are provided with supportive, inspiring, modern and relaxing environment.”, said Dr. Béla Merkely at the ceremony and site tour held at the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology.

To this end, a smart park with Wi-Fi access and benches with USB chargers has been created in place of the former car park in the courtyard of the Anatomy Block. The renovation works of the courtyard at the Central Patient Care Unit and some student areas in the Nagyvárad tér Theoretical Building will be completed soon, which the university spent 170 million HUF on.



“Our students are in a special situation as they have to overcome special challenges in special times. Our efforts in fighting the first wave of the coronavirus would not have been successful enough without their voluntary work. In the second phase of the epidemic their contribution and active participation are just as important. The students set an example as they sacrificed their free time to volunteer so that other people could keep on living their lives. In addition to demonstrating diligence and self-sacrifice they also showed the power of acting in unity in the past months. Wherever you may find employment later on, remember this period. You have experienced the power of teamwork, companionship and have learnt that anything can be achieved together. With the same mind-set and attitude we will be able to defeat the coronavirus.”, said Dr. Béla Merkely.

Following the Rector’s inaugural speech Dr. Alán Alpár, Vice-Rector for International Students greeted the audience.

“I myself work at the department and teach anatomy, histology and embryology. I see many students arrive in September and spend several semesters here sometimes in joy, sometimes in desperation but always overcoming the difficulties. When we say that being a doctor is a lifestyle and expect you to act accordingly, it is the university’s responsibility to facilitate this way of life. Not only the time spent in lectures and practical lessons count, but the breaks between them, when student life is buzzing. Anatomy is the first subject students encounter during the course of their studies and this is the place where they spend more time together in the first months.”, Dr. Alán Alpár said, adding that the new student areas will provide opportunities for studying in addition to informal chats with friends.

Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector presented certificates to the representatives of the student organizations, thanking the work of volunteers involved in PCR testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The certificates were given to Bálint Tripolszky, President of the Students’ Union,  Bendegúz Bódis, President of the Instructor Self-Active Group, Moin Moeinzadeh, President of  International Semmelweis Student Association and Constantin Feller, President of the  Deutschsprachige Studentenvertregung Semmelweis.

Ádám Szabó
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University
Translation: Ágnes Raubinek