Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 10 April 2021
137469 Total vaccines
13271 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

“This square here has been deserted only during the time period when very strict restrictions had to be followed because of coronavirus”, says Dr. Katalin Monzéger, project coordinator at the Center for Educational Development, Methodology and Organization as she shows around the park located in front of the Basic Medical Science Center full of medical students.

“Students not only gather together here during the semesters, but in the summer as well: someone is always sitting on the benches. We are all very proud to have such a modern little space here with a lot of green around, where it is truly a pleasure to sit down and to have a nice conversation. This is why this square has become a common meeting point”, says she.

As we walk around the small square, Dr. Katalin Monzéger points out the Semmelweis sign, which has become very popular in no time, a lot of people like to take photographs here. But the statue of the neuron, which might be a bit unusual at first sight, is also a dominant element. The wooden seat with a cover located on the verge of the square is also very well-known, where we can always see passers-by having a rest – says Dr. Katalin Monzéger as she introduces the major parts of the square.



She started working at the newly established Center for Educational Development, Methodology and Organization in 2018. Since the base for the center was the Basic Medical Science Center, she was provided with a workstation at the laboratory of the Department of Physiology. She quickly got acquainted with the researchers of the department and many times they had lunch together. Besides this, they very often played board games in the rooftop or had a walk in the park after the working hours were over. The square was an important element of team building as well – she recalls.

The Center for Educational Development, Methodology and Organization supports the educational work of the university. Its most important responsibilities are to organize trainings related to educational methodology and e-learning to professors, as well as to provide the smooth operation of Moodle, SeKA and Kaltura systems. My responsibilities are website management and editing the Facebook page, but I am also dealing with the creation of the center’s legal documents apart from additional organizational tasks. Even though the Center for Educational Development, Methodology and Organization has already moved to Nagyvárad square, but I always return to this happy, joyous square with pleasure”, emphasizes Dr. Katalin Monzéger.

Dóra Vas
Photo: Zoltán Adrián
Translation: Katalin Illés-Romhányi

In our article series entitled “My University”, we ask university citizens to show their favorite university location. These articles are a part of the celebration of Semmelweis University’s 250th anniversary year, which can be viewed on the University’s anniversary website.