Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 13 April 2021
151021 Total vaccines
13682 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

From now on, the top of Semmelweis University’s Theoretical Building at Nagyvárad tér, which is one of the tallest buildings in Budapest, will be illuminated by the light inscription spelling “Semmelweis Egyetem”.

The inscription was set up on the eve of Semmelweis Day, which is a national holiday of health care in Hungary. The university celebrating the birthday of Ignác Semmelweis pays homage to its employees working in the field of healthcare and to Ignác Semmelweis himself.

“The job of healthcare workers has become more valuable and appreciated in the recent period. When most people stayed at home to prevent the spread of the virus, healthcare workers were needed more than ever due to the increased workload. They were working wholeheartedly and made serious sacrifices to help fellow humans.”, said Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector of Semmelweis University.

When turning the lights of the inscription on, the Rector also mentioned that Semmelweis Day is a double holiday at the university. On the one hand it is the Day of Hungarian Healthcare and on the other hand it is the birthday of the university’s namesake.

Ignác Semmelweis was born on 1st July 1818 in Budapest. The Hungarian doctor, known as the saviour of mothers, was the first to draw attention to the importance of hand washing. Some documents of his discoveries about childbed fever published in written form between 1847 and 1861 were declared part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 2013. The name of Semmelweis has also been mentioned several times related to the prevention of infection caused by the novel coronavirus. Google and many major editorial houses in the US wrote about his life, career and the importance of hand washing.



The construction of the light inscription on top of the Nagyvárad Tér Theoretical Building was financed by the Semmelweis University Foundation. The blue inscription was made by BEPRO Solutions Kft. and it will be visible from numerous parts of the city. The inscription includes the anniversary coat of arms of the university, which is a reminder of the 250th anniversary of the foundation of Semmelweis University.

András Beck
Photo: BEPRO Solutions/Semmelweis University and Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University
Translation: Ágnes Raubinek