Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 19 April 2021
164340 Total vaccines
13734 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated
A new program series presenting Hungarian culture is launching as of February 3, which will include visits to classical music, ballet, theater performances and other art-related events. Students, including international students, can sign up for the programs by February 7, in the form of an elective course worth 2 credits. The art programs will run until May 16.

In its 250th anniversary year, Semmelweis University will be holding thematic presentations on Hungarian culture between February 3 and May 16, 2020 – in the same spirit as last year’s Summer University – both for Hungarian and international students. The program will include attending classical music, ballet, theater and other art performances. The course will be available for a total of 250 students in the form of an elective in the 2019/20 spring semester.

Participating in the program will be cultural institutions such as the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, the Heritage House, the Capital Circus of Budapest, the Museum of Fine Arts, the National Theater, the Hungarian State Opera and the Urania Movie Theater. The semester will be bookmarked by two joint lectures, between which students will be able to attend 7 cultural events, where they will also have the opportunity to learn about the given institutions in more detail.

“Medicine and health sciences is a vocation that includes being open to culture and having a good knowledge of Hungarian culture,” said Balázs Hankó, vice-rector for strategy and development, about the course. He added that the course is named after the painter Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka, who originally worked as a pharmacist.

Eszter Keresztes
Translation: Tamás Deme
Photo (illustration): Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University