In January 2020, the Rectors, Presidents and Vice-Chancellors from seven of Europe’s leading universities met in Cologne (Germany) to launch their shared vision for improving European citizens’ quality of life by creating a European University for Well-Being. Through top level education and research, the alliance, known as EUniWell, aims to create an environment that allows European citizens and their global neighbours to be well-educated, socially responsible, healthy, inclusive and diverse — all critical aspects of well-being. On 3rd April 2020 EUniWell launched its website and issued a press release.

The European University of Well-Being – EUniWell – unites the Universities of Birmingham, Firenze, Köln, Leiden, Linnaeus, Nantes and Semmelweis with 102 associate partners drawn from seven distinct regions of Europe. It presents an action-oriented response to well-being grounded in research expertise, educational leadership and civic engagement to deliver meaningful and sustainable change for our students and societies, our institutions and staff.

The challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic poses to well-being give EUniWell’s mission – to understand, improve, measure, and rebalance the well-being of individuals, communities, and society – new urgency. The coronavirus demands that we re-envision well-being from multiple-perspectives and navigate the manifold challenges presented to our globalized and connected world. Uniting strengths and wide-range expertise of the partnering universities, EUniWell’s network of experts are well positioned to respond.

Visit our EUniWell website not only for detailed information about the project itself, but also to see our regularly updated blog where EUniWell’s academic and student community share perspectives on well-being and the coronavirus situation.

Source: EUniWell