A series of free screenings was organized in Transcarpathia by the Students’ Union of Semmelweis University and the National Conference of Students’ Unions with the help of the Association of Hungarian Students and Young Researchers in Transcarpathia. The comprehensive screenings of nearly 300 patients were carried out by 90 volunteers in six villages over four days.

The volunteers of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacological Sciences, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Health and Public Administration, including 16 international students, were supported by specialists. During the four-day screening, program involving six villages, general medical histories were recorded, followed by urine and blood tests, cholesterol and blood pressure measurements as well as ECG and physical examinations. Besides, participants could choose to take part in dental examinations and consultations held by students of dietetics, physiotherapy and pharmacy. The sixth screening event in Transcarpathia involved nearly 300 patients.

Dóra Tóth, health representative of the Students’ Union of Semmelweis University found the work done very useful.

“I believe that the screening results proved how important our activities are in Transcarpathia. Many patients were diagnosed with diabetes or heart diseases that they had been unaware of. The work of the pharmacists was an organic and important part of the screening program, as the method of drug administration of several patients was inappropriate and in many cases patients were ignorant of the medication they were receiving.”, she said.



Based on their feedback, the students gained significant professional experience over the four days of the program and it also helped the integration of Hungarian and international students.

“In the most severe cases the diagnosis was made by doctors who had already obtained a degree in medicine, but students demonstrated a high level of responsibility towards the patients as well.”, Dóra Tóth said.

Eszter Keresztes (source: Students’ Union)
Photos: Bálint Barta, the Students’ Union of Semmelweis University
Translation: Ágnes Raubinek