Several workers of Semmelweis University received state honors on the occasion of the country’s national day on March 15.

The prestigious Széchenyi Award was bestowed upon three workers of the university: Dr. Edit Buzás, the director of the Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology, Dr. Péter Csermely, a professor at the Department of Medical Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Pathobiochemistry, and Dr. István Karádi, a professor at the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Edit Buzás was awarded the honor in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the study of the structure and operation of extracellular vesicles, which play a central role in intracellular communication, as well as her high-quality work in immunology education.

Dr. Péter Csermely received the award in recognition of his achievements for establishing a new school of though in the field of studying the adaptation, learning and decisionmaking mechanisms of complex systems using network approaches, whose results have also been used successfully in pharmaceutical research, as well as his internationally renowned work in seeking out young talents in academic life and supporting their careers.

Dr. István Karádi was selected for the award in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the study, prevention and treatment of fat and carbohydrate metabolism disorders, as well as his pioneering work as an educator in various fields relating to internal medicine.

A Hungarian Order of Merit, Commander’s Cross (civil) was awarded to head-and-neck surgeon Dr. Ferenc Bánhidy, professor emeritus of Semmelweis University, in recognition of his decades of work as a patient-focused oncology specialist, as well as the founder of the first Hungarian ward for head and neck surgery.

The Ignác Semmelweis Award was handed out to Dr. Ferenc Paulin, professor emeritus of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in recognition of his high-quality work in the prevention and treatment of disorders.

In recognition of her outstanding quality of work, a Hungarian Order of Merit, Knight’s Cross (civil) was awarded to vascular surgeon Dr. Zsuzsanna Járányi, a retired associate professor at the Vascular Surgery Department of the Városmajor Heart and Vascular Center.

MTI/Mohai Balázs

In recognition of their activities in promoting the interests of Hungary and furthering universal human values, Hungarian Orders of Merit, Officer’s Cross (civil) were awarded to Dr. Péter Enyedi, professor and deputy director of the Department of Physiology, Dr. Antal Renner, trauma and hand surgeon of the Péterfy Hospital-Clinic and the National Institute of Traumatology and professor emeritus of the university, as well as Dr. Lajos Szollár, professor emeritus of the Institute of Pathophysiology.

Eszter Kovács-Eszter Keresztes-Pálma Dobozi
Translation: Tamás Deme

Source: MTI
Photo: (featured image), MTI