Semmelweis University has recently had discussions with the Japanese International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW) about cooperation opportunities, the introduction of staff- and student exchange programs with the involvement of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences. Our university signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IUHW in 2016, which provides a framework for the further development of the relationship between the two institutions.

The Japanese delegation, led by Dr. Kuninori Takagi Chairman and President of IUHW, was welcomed at Semmelweis University by Dr. Ágoston Szél Rector, Dr. György Bagdy Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, Dr. László Hunyady Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Zoltán Zsolt Nagy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Márk Kollai Academic Program Director of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English, Dr. József Sándor Scientific Advisor and Dr. Marcel Pop Director of International Relations. Following the introduction of the Japanese institution, Dr. Ágoston Szél emphasized that the most probable cooperation opportunities would be short-term faculty- and student exchange programs. Dr. László Hunyady indicated that the Faculty of Medicine would be able to welcome IUHW students in clinical rotations as well as in the framework of the compulsory training period prescribed for Japanese students in Japan. According to Dr. Zoltán Zsolt Nagy, the Faculty of Health Sciences would start a cooperation mostly in nursing, physiotherapy and in TDK (Student Scientific Association) and PhD programs.

The delegation also visited the Faculty of Health Sciences, where the 5 representatives of IUHW were welcomed by Dr. Gabriella Bednárikné Dörnyei Vice-Dean, Dr. Zoltán Balogh Head of the Department of Nursing and Dr. Mónika Horváth, Head of the Department of Physiotherapy. During the discussions, the opportunity of the involvement of an academic optometry exchange program, as well as the opportunity of a 1-2 month-long faculty exchange program were also raised. Since the elderly care and rehabilitation are extremely advanced in Japan, and IUHW is among the top institutions in the area of physiotherapy, therefore the leadership members of the Faculty of Health Sciences indicated during the discussions that they would be pleased to welcome visiting professors from IUHW and they would be pleased to participate in a research related to gerontology in cooperation with IUHW.

At the Heart and Vascular Centre, the Japanese delegation was welcomed by Dr. Dávid Becker Deputy-Director, who introduced the daily work of the clinic. The delegation members were invited for a short tour at the clinic, during which they had the opportunity to visit laboratories of pacemaker implantations, coronarography, electrophysiology and catheter ablation of the heart as well as the hybrid operation hall.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Marcel Pop Director of International Relations suggested to use the grant opportunities offered by Erasmus Credit Mobility Program in order to finance the planned faculty- and student exchange programs.

Eszter Keresztes
Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University
Translation: Katalin Illés-Romhányi