01/06/2017 – 30/09/2020

About the project

Contracted amount: 1.255.535.000 Ft
Support: 100%

The main goals of this project are to improve the overall health status of the community, increase life expectancy at birth, years spent in health, and decrease the burden caused by non-infectious chronic diseases. The current problems are planned to be addressed by improving the preventive functions of the healthcare system, the health literacy of the community and decreasing regional differences.
Current patient safety related improvements aim to create an organisational culture and approach where the healthcare workers will be able to identify the risks during their activity, recommend preventive measures, and where it will be possible to discuss mistakes and adverse events openly with educational purposes. It is also important to involve the institutional management in improving patient safety.
Specific goals:

  • to coordinate primary and public healthcare duties by creating a high quality complex system that combines the disease-focused approach of primary care and the health-focused approach of public healthcare;
  • to improve health literacy in childhood and adolescence in order for them to be able to make conscious lifestyle decisions;
  • to improve prevention, health awareness and access to public health services and knowledge;
  • to develop a tool and health improvement possibility which allows and supports the prevention, recognition and treatment of mental illnesses;
  • to improve the level of knowledge of healthcare workers regarding the prevention and handling of adverse events during healthcare;
  • to create, implement, control and assess methodologies, good practices, guidelines and protocols that aim the improvement of patient safety;
  • to develop and improve evaluation methodologies which will help assessing the level of patient safety;
  • to improve health literacy in the community regarding the prevention of adverse events


Consortium leader: National Institute of Public Health

Role of HSMTC: Consortium member

Consortium members:
State Health Supplementary Center
National Health Insurance Fund Manager
National Institute of Health Development

HSMTC Contact

Name: Judit Lám (associate professor) 
Phone: +36 1 488 7600
E-mail: lam@emk.sote.hu