Health Policy

Health policy is a really unique segment of healthcare management where science meets with art, emotions with values and believes. Thus it is not a coincidence that healthcare reforms are always and well debated topics in every national and international forum.

Health policy requires system level leadership and organization skills – the big picture must always be seen and understood: health policy experts are playing on an imaginative chess table with institutions, hospitals, clinics meanwhile behind every intervention the patient, the family, or the healthcare worker should be apparent.
The aim of health policy is to improve the productivity of healthcare systems. Therefore, politicians and decision makers should embrace the values of the citizens and be aware to crucially evaluate the implementation tools.
The team responsible for health policy supports and advises healthcare leaders in order to arrange evidence based system level and competent decisions as well as are raising the attention to difficulties and obstacles. As experts they are also taking part in several international projects, like in the Health System and Policy Monitor community.

Experts: Eszter Sinkó Dr., Péter Gaál Dr., Gergely Fügedi Dr., Zita Velkey Dr., Katalin Dózsa Dr.