Regulation 282/2014/EU for The Third Health Programme

01/09/2017 – 30/09/2020

About the project

Both in Hungary and in the European Union’s health care institutions, there is a general consensus that Europe faces an ever-increasing health crisis. Increasing burden on healthcare systems is the aging population, the increasing frequency of chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes), which is a major challenge for mental illness and resistance to antibiotics. Both of these factors affect the morbidity and morbidity data of the population.

The economic aspects of the burden of chronic diseases should also be taken into account. Taking into account the knowledge base of the Institute of Public Health, it is possible to develop the preventive approach in prospective doctors, but we also have to keep in mind that understanding of the significance of this is the whole of society. The EMK intends to contribute to the health policy context in particular with the expertise available in health economics, change management and patient safety. It is a general experience that the media does not really measure the role of prevention and its impact on health, and sometimes it does not make it clear to the target audience.

Our aim is to fill this gap and to transform and educate the available professional information (public health statistics, medical treatment options, health policy and health economics) in a form that is understandable and acceptable to a wide range of society, thinking of screening tests its importance, serving society, educating a healthy lifestyle, and so on. In addition, in addition to training our students, we will extend the prevention training to future media representatives.

By identifying innovative solutions based on a targeted broad stakeholder consensus, joint action can provide a serious background to Member States’ and EU-wide health policies in the fight against chronic diseases.

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Consortium leader: Instituto de Salud Carlos III, (ISCIII), Spain

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