25 years ago a couple of system changer young professionals realized that there is an urgent need for a training institute of health management in Hungary. Today these young committed people are called as Directors, Deans, and Deputy Directors, while the dreamed and so far internationally recognised Institute is called: Health Services Management Training Centre.


1993: The idea and conception of the founders was supported by the Tempus Project. Thus the preliminary professional work and the development of teaching materials was initiated.
1995: The council of the Semmelweis University officially established the Health Services Management Training Centre. (HSMTC)
1998: HSMTC was chosen to be the European and Central Asian Regional Partner Institute by the World Bank. The programs hosted and organized by the Institution was visited from 41 countries with apr. 1200 students.
1999: The Centre moved…The wooden house serving as temporal home for the Institution was replaced by a modern building (equipped with XXI. century IT tools) located on the Kútvölgyi Street.
2000: The Centre initiated and started as the first the auditor training and a preparatory course regarding the introduction of hospital standards.
2004: Accompained by the Hungarian Residents Association the HR migration research project was restarted, contributing to a successful accession to the international HR and migration research projects.
2005: Mandated by the Slovakian Health Ministry our experts implemented the education system of the HSMTC to the Slovakian health management trainings.
2006: The European Health Management Association (EHMA) hold its annual Conference in Budapest. The Centre as an active EHMA member participated in the preparatory work as well as fulfilled organization and professional coordination duties.
2008: HSMTC organized the first Patient Safety Forum. The unique program series are still highly accepted and popular in Hungary.
2010: In 2015, the Faculty of Health- and Public Services was established in collaboration with the Mental Hygiene Centre, the Digital Health Sciences Institute and with the HSMTC.
2015: HSMTC was appointed to be the WHO Collaboration Centre in the field of HRH. The Health System Management and Patient Safety Department workgroups were established.
2016: The Quality and Patient Safety Manager training program was started.


Einstein was right, gravity waves are insisting indeed. According to the phenomenon known as twin paradox if two people born in the same time will sit next to each other -time will elapse likewise. However,if one keeps sitting meanwhile the other person starts to move in the space the one who is sitting becomes older. In our everyday life we do not perceive this phenomenom it could only be recognised with the speed of light that is why with our programs, research and projects we try to travel with such a speed.